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My blog hasn’t been up for a while, but I did notice that my ability to write changed throughout it. I’m not saying it changed significantly, but I did change. The one thing that I noticed from the past is how I never capitalized my I’s. I know it is not a big deal, but I can’t just let myself not capitalize the I’s. It is so frustrating seeing one of the little things that you hate on your first post. I look back on the post and think critical thoughts about myself. I remember a time when I liked someone’s first post, and they told me urgently to stop reading now. I can’t blame them. I want to take my first post, and hide it in a cabinet. Then incinerate the key, send the cabinet to a cardboard box factory in Alabama, and run away to New England. It is so embarrassing having people see what you write at its worst. I’ll write my first post here, and let you think for yourself. Hello World! My name is Charlie and I started a blog as you can see. I will try to post stuff every day but sometimes i cant because the universe wont let me. In other words, sometimes i cant blog because i dont want to or there is something stopping me from doing it. When i said sometimes i cant blog because the universe wont let me is a nicer way of saying “Get out of my face i dont want to do this for you.” I have alot of important questions to ask that you probably cant answer. For example, why on those “No shirt,No shoes, No service” dont they add No pants. Like what if a guy walked in to burger king without pants and when they were going to kick him out he said “Wait, you cant kick me out, theres no rule against no wearing pants in a fast food resturant.” I bet they would still kick him out and arrest him, but at least he would have a point. So that was a little preview of what youll be seeing here.Thanks for reading!! I mean, these beginnings are precious and the beginning of something, but I can safely say that I didn’t put too much work in this post. I remember just writing. I don’t remember thinking at all. I was yelling at everyone to come up with a blog name, because I couldn’t think of any. Then my dad just said “How about The Universe According To Charlie?” I thought that title was incredibly stupid, so I continued to use force for the greater good. When the only other option was “A Pig’s Belly Button Ring” from my brother, I let out a huge “Fine uhhhhh” and pressed “Create blog.” But I remember letting the writing think for me. The whole post was just me writing every word that came in to mind. That is why there is an incredible amount of mistakes. I never read my earlier posts because of this reason. I mean, I know they aren’t too great. Some I can remember I liked, but now I think could need improvement. For example, on my post Magic 8 Ball, I didn’t put any detail. It was only a couple of words. There were some how I remember being so funny and so fabulous, but now I don’t want anyone touching it, looking at it, breathing on it, or singing goodnight songs to it. I feel like Dobby from Lord Of The Rings. It is either Dobby or Golem, I didn’t see the movies.

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My beginning wasn’t the sharpest peanut in the bark cabinet. At least I wrote words write. At least I didn’t type them like a seal devoting 50 percent of her time doing jazz. At least I didn’t end up like, the guy. You know, the guy. The guy. You know the guy. My stupid posts are going to increase in population some day. I think one of the reasons I made my first post terrible was to make fun of it later. Actually no, that is just an excuse. So I hope you don’t have a turd burglarish first post like I did. I mean, I love my first post. I treasure it. I just don’t people reading it. You know, it’s complicated.