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General point of view:

Usually on Halloween, you spend most of the night after trick or treating watching horror movies and gaining weight. After Halloween, I usually organize my candy in a fashionable manor, while hiding it from my parents. The day after Halloween, most kids crash and feel pain for the whole day. The day after Halloween, the most dreaded thing is going to school. While you have that feeling like you are going to throw up, teachers can actually enjoy themselves. I mean, I always have good teachers. I doubt they will be happy if the kids are sad. (I’m trying to put myself in the best possible light in case my teacher is reading this). Little bloodthirsty children are used to sucking sugar out of wads of pink goop, so they have a feeling inside of them that makes them want to hurl, or go insane. And that might (Might) make incredibly mean teachers happy by a child’s dead inside feelings. I may be guessing incredibly wrong, but I might be a little more then disappointingly incorrect. Throughout the rest of the day, while kids feel like the other end of a moose, parents go through a crisis deciding whether to eat their kid’s Halloween candy or not. “Well, if I do, well, it tastes good. But if I do, my kids will go insane over me. You know what, I’ll just buy them some more.” And then when their children get home from school, they take all the wrappers, put it around them, and say “I ate all your Halloween candy. Jimmy Kimmel told me to!” And after a couple hours of feeling tormented, your parents give you your candy back. This happens to me almost every year.

My point of view:

Last year I spent the rest of the night looking at a Twix bar and saying “Where have you been all year gorgeous.” I can also remember watching the movie “Scream” and feeling nauseous. After I nearly blew up, my parents took my Halloween candy away from me and I felt like I just died. That night I couldn’t fall asleep for most of time, so I went downstairs and watched “It’s the great pumpkin Charlie Brown” on a continuous loop. It was one of the worst experiences of my life. Seriously, to this day, I memorized every line of that short. And then while I was still feeling like a butterball, it was morning and I had to go to school. That was one of the most excruciatingly painful things I’ve ever done. I mean, school is fun, but when you feel like the girl who turned in to a blueberry from “Charlie and the chocolate factory,” you start to go downhill. I’m pretty sure I fell asleep during recess. While I was doing that, I knew my parents were at home, deciding what to do. Eat our candy, or unwillfully leave it on the top of the fridge and go to bed crying because they had to do the right thing. I came home from school panting because it felt so hard to walk. When I got home, my dad said “I ate all of your Halloween candy. Though it isn’t my fault, Jimmy Kimmel told me to.” After I said several things I regret, I realized that he was pranking us. I searched up online,”I ate my kids Halloween candy!” and saw a video. It turns out that there is this huge prank that parents pull on their kids to mess with them.Featured image

  So then I found my Halloween candy, ran to a remote location in our yard, and stuffed my face with Milton Hershey’s celebrity cause. I assure you it was a wondrous occasion. But this year we didn’t have school the day after Halloween, so I knew everything was going to be alright.
This is post 2 out of 30 for NaBloPoMo. 28 more to go! Wish me luck! Luck will probably try its hardest to help me through it, but it might not get me to the end. Who knows, maybe I’ll get lucky.