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You may hate me for writing this post, but it is just what I’m thinking. I’m not trying to offend anyone, and I don’t think I’m going to.

If you have noticed that I’ve been writing about movies lately, it is just that I don’t know what to write about. It’s not too bad, at least I’m writing about something. Anyways, lets not waste precious time. I’ve noticed that about everyone on Earth has seen “It’s The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown!” at least 79 times. Already this year I have seen it 7 times. I just can’t let it go, and get deleted from our DVR.  Ever since it came out it has been legendary. You might think I’m going to blog about how I think it is stupid, but no. I love it, and I would choose almost anything over it. I would even choose it over a seagull with a mouth filled with pure gold. So you can’t peg me as a person who hates Charlie Brown. I absolutely love it, and you have to agree or you definitely have something wrong with you. Something really wrong with you.

The reason I made this post was because I noticed that everyone in the show seems to loathe Charlie Brown.   It seems that people really don’t like him. I love how that mean girl says “Your costume should be in direct contrast with your personality.” And she goes as a witch. If that rule applied for me, I would probably go as a frog. I don’t know. But I noticed that whenever Charlie Brown is offered to kick a football,  he flips in the air and lands on his back. That happened to me a couple of times, and trust me. It isn’t fun. Flipping in the air. The shivery and painful feeling you get when you land on your back, it isn’t fun. And I know this from experience. Once Marshall said to me “Hey Charlie, come kick this football! I bet you can’t kick it far!”To me, I thought,”Challenge accepted!” Back then I was going through a jockey phase. I didn’t really flip, I just landed on the ground really, really, really hard.

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Then later in this episode of Charlie Brown, I noticed how Charlie Brown obsesses over how he got invited to his first party. After doing a dance, someone obviously spoiled his mood by saying “There were two lists. One to invite, and one not to invite. You must have been put on the wrong list.” To be honest, I know that dance is a bad luck charm. Once when I did it, I fell and nearly broke my foot. Also, another time when I did it someone offered to give me a pen, and I said yes and took it. But then, when I used it to write a thank you card for people who came to my birthday party, it shocked me real bad. I still have the pen. I’m warning you, do the dance if you dare!

I also noticed how unlucky Charlie Brown was when he was Trick or treating. I always feel bad when I laugh when an adult throws a rock in his bag. But it seems like all the adults in the neighborhood were planning this, because he kept getting a rock. Something like that happened to me once last year. I told the woman who gave me candy,”Can I have one extra piece of candy for my blockhead brother? He’s wasting his Halloween in a pumpkin patch, waiting for the great pumpkin. It’s so embarrassing to have to ask!” Then she ran inside, grabbed something from her goldfish bowl, and threw it in my bag! It was a rock. I feel your pain Charlie Brown!

And the final thing I’ve noticed about this is his head modeling at the Halloween party. I always feel bad when they do that to him. After he was so excited about being a model. I don’t think I could be a model, neither could Charlie Brown. But he could be a model, because he is bald, and he can have people draw things on the back of his head. I’m not bald, and have dark hair. So even if they did try it, it wouldn’t work because they couldn’t see the marker! Envy is filling my body right now! CURSE YOU CHARLIE BROWN!’ I’ve noticed how me and old Charlie Brown have some things in common. Some people call Charlie Brown Charlie, and some people call me Charlie Brown. It is kind of amazing in my favor. It seems what happens in this episode happened to me multiple times. Like with the dance, the trick or treating rock thing, the football, and the modeling. It is very strange. Very strange indeed. Very, abnormal. Very, Charlie Browny. Very………..

This was post 3 out of 30 for NaBloPoMo. I hope I can continue posting every day for the rest of November. I don’t exactly think I’m going to last doing this. 27 more posts to go! Wish me luck, if luck can help!