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While you walk up to the door, suspense flows through your veins. You open the door, and the incredibly strong smell of plastic gloves fill your nostrils.  You check out with the lady who always has her hair in a bun, and you reach for a magazine while you go to your seat. While children around you move dinosaurs around and say “Rawr! I’m going to eat you!,” you flip the pages, wishing you were somewhere else. And finally, a woman comes in the room and says “Hello? You are ready for your appointment.” Suspense builds as you walk through the halls ready to sit down after you are already worn out from all that terrible walking. And finally, you enter a room. You take a look around, and see many murals of strange pictures. The room is an underwater theme, and it looks like all the marine animals on the walls are watching you. You start to feel creeped out, and then the nurse says “The dentist will be right with you.” Then she left the room. And suddenly you are alone, in a room, where strange wall paintings are looking at you.

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All the tools look so horrifying to you right now. Everything is watching you! Then, after an incredibly long wait, the dentist finally comes. They say “Ok, we are going to start by getting rid of that extra plaque on your teeth. Open wide!” Then while holding a hook with a mirror, they try to put it in your mouth. You refuse to open your mouth because of your fear of the tools. The dentist tells you to open your mouth, bit you won’t listen. You know you are embarrassing yourself, but it is for the greater good. The dentist says,”Please just open your mouth!” In a moment of defeat, you open your mouth, while all of your previous feelings were flushed away. Featured image Every times the dentist touches your teeth, you shake your feet like a two year old. Then the dentist reaches for the vibrating toothbrush. They tell you that they are going to clean your mouth, but you refuse to do it. You know that you already have clean teeth. If they weren’t clean, then what did the dentist just do? Is she not cleaning proficently? You tell her your feelings, and she disagrees with you.”Your teeth can never be too clean.” You give up, while someone brushes your teeth for you. You feel like you are a extremely wealthy person, and you should have someone brushing your teeth for you all the time. While that brief moment passed, the dentist tells you that it is time for x-rays. She tells you to bite hard on a piece of plastic. You do that, and they took pictures of your teeth somehow. You tell her that teeth are private to you, and the food you eat. She disagrees with you, because you show your teeth to everyone everyday. You both go on about that for a while, until it is time for her next appointment. You tell her that you will be back in 6 months with a whole lot of cavities. She tells you that sugar is a waste of time while you leave, thinking of ways to ruin your cleansed teeth. She looks out the window in disgust at you. Though she is hiding her feelings. She hides her own greatest ambition. The ability to eat sugar freely without feeling like a hypocrite when she tells patients that they have cavities. You have a free life, while she wants to tag along, and come with you. But no. At least she gets paid to be tortured. But next time, you know to treat her like she can go out and eat a XL Hershey bar. That she can be a free little bird. In 6 months, she can be free!

This was post 5 out of 30 for NaBloPoMo. 25 more to go! Wish me luck! Au Revoir, or whatever that means. I wonder if I can make it…..