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Recently, I did a post as an attempt to help fellow bloggers come up with more ideas, and get rid of Writer’s block. Well, I did some thinking, and I decided to try to help even more and put up 7 more ways to get rid of Writer’s block. I used to have a different blog, and Writer’s block came in and destroyed it. Now I’m posting on a different blog, posting. What I’m writing actually did help me, which is suprising, because I didn’t expect my own advice to help. But I’m not just writing this post to get recognition from other people. Well, I do want that, but that is not the point. The real reason I’m doing this is to actually help, and I hope I can do that. So enjoy!

1.) Do A Writing Prompt

If you can’t think of anything to write yourself, go to someone else for help. Search up “Writing prompts” and you will find ideas for you to write. Though don’t rely on that too much, because a lot of people look for original material. Not that that isn’t, I’m just saying that you should not rely on other people’s writing ideas, because they are human too, and they might not be able to come up with a whole lot of ideas. If that doesn’t work out, go on to number two.

2.) Ask For Help

Not everyone is a terrible person who comes to you just to make you feel bad. Put up a post about your predicament.  Tell people about your problem. I’m sure they would be glad to help. Share that post to every social media network ever. Sort that post under every tag ever. You can’t be embarrassed by what you see, and what you do, and what you know. If people can’t help you like that, go on to number three.

3.) Eliminate Distractions

If your neighbor is mowing the lawn, or your dog is barking loudly, just tell them to stop. You are a person, and you deserve to think. These people may want nothing to do with you, but they know now. They can’t consider you a terrible person if you just don’t want to hear them. They should consider looking at what you are telling them and say,”Oh, you want to think, ok, I’ll let you.” Not that most people are like that, but on to number 4.

4.) Just Stop Pushing Yourself

Maybe you are the one who is causing your writing debacle. So just stop. Obviously your brain just wants peace. If you can’t think, you can’t think. Sleep on it, go on a walk, drink some coffee, do something worth your time to take your mind off it.

5.) Opinion Writing

If you went this far, I’m pretty sure you can’t think of ideas for stories. So write something about your opinion. Watch TV, and find something that you like or think is strange. Look around for inspiration to insult, and write about. I’m sure you can think of many many things if you are doing this.

6.) List Posts

This is a list post. It is basically writing about the best/ worst things/. It is much easier then writing fiction or stories, and it is definitely recommended if you are feeling lazy, or can’t think of anything else. I would reccomend it to anyone with these problems, because if you are slamming your face on the keyboard, you know this is definitely right for you.

7.) Write Fiction

One of the hardest things to do ever is writing through non-fiction. Sometimes it is great, and sometimes it is incredibly boring. Either way, it is hard to pick out things that happened in your life, and trying to remember every detail. So write a story! Put some humor in it! Give your readers a smile that most people just don’t get! You can do things with fiction that people really like. In the real world, maybe you just paid the bills, or won a 5 dollar gift certificate for Wegman’s produce aisle, but that stuff just isn’t interesting. Fiction is great, yet I don’t do it…

I hope this helped, if that is possible. Good luck with Writer’s Block, if you have it.