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Throughout this year so far, I’ve endured words like “totes,” and “LOL!” To be honest, I’ll never understand it. So I guess I wanted to try and help people like me, so here it is!

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Pronunciation: (Toe-tss)

Meaning: A shorter more convenient form of the word: totally. This word is most commonly used by teenage girls. This word saves up to 26.6 seconds a day on texting and talking. This is science, so you’d better believe it.

Origin: When new versions of phones kept coming out, teenagers wanted an easier way to type words fast to talk to their friends. So they invented “totes.” It does make things a little bit easier, and it makes you sound more hip. Totes.


Pronunciation: (lahl)

Meaning: Short for Laugh out loud. This word was around for a while, and people have adapted to it so much that many people instead of laughing just say “LOL!” I haven’t heard of this word until last Easter. I’m not very absorbed in to many things in this century, and I’m sure you can tell.

Origin: I don’t know what this came from. I’m guessing someone felt incomplete when he wrote Laugh Out Loud. Then he thought for a while, and then wrote LOL.


Pronunciation: (I-K-R)

  Meaning: More convenient for saying “I Know Right!” Don’t say ikr to a person in public, because it will sound strange. Just say I know Right. And only use it for typing. I heard people say ikr on YouTube videos, but I didn’t know what it meant until I searched it up. I’m guessing most people don’t know this word.

Origin: I know right was just too long. 5 hours of videos are uploaded to the internet ever 3 minutes, and people were way behind! So ikr was then born.


Pronunciation: (B-R-B)

Meaning: Easier to say then “Be right back!” This one is usually used when you are playing video games online or something. I’m not completely sure. All I know is that this is now a term of teens.

Origin: I’m guessing that someone was texting their friend, and then they had to go somewhere. They were going to write “Be Right Back!,” but they really had to go and clicked random words. And they accidentally wrote “BRB.” The world was then revolutionized.


Pronunciation: (totes-MA-goats)

Meaning: No-one on Earth knows how this came to be, and where it came from. It remains a mystery. I have no idea what this means.

Origin: Again, no idea. I have no idea what this word is, at all, don’t ask me.


Pronunciation: (Grate)

Meaning: Short for great. Long for Gr. Get it? This doesn’t have much to it. I just found it online, so I don’t know anything about it. I’m guessing most teens don’t know about this one.

Origin: I’m guessing a teenager was texting while the Frosted Flakes commercial was playing. The tiger yelled,”They’re GGGRRRRRREEEAAATT!” I’m guessing the teen was thinking “Gr8!”


Pronunciation: (B-T-W)

Meaning: Short for “By The Way.”

Origin: Again, I’m not too sure. I searched it up, because I don’t just know by myself. It turns out that the true origin was when a guy named Arnie Muldoon was giving a speech. Someone wrote his notes for him, so he didn’t know for sure what he was saying. The note-writer was trying to write the word “and,” but it was late at night and he was rushing. So he wrote “BTW.”Arnie said “BTW,” and a person in the crowd realized that “BTW.” This was just me guessing, so I really don’t know. But it is a possibility, I guess.


Pronunciation: (F-T-W)

Meaning: This one is short for “For The Win.” I actually don’t know what “For The Win” means. I don’t really pay attention to sports, so I’m guessing that is why I’m not familiar with this.

Origin: This one I could actually find. It turns out this one began when a boy was playing soccer. He was very intense and deep in the game. At the last moment, when he was about to score a goal, he yelled “I DO THIS FOR THE WIN!” After the game, he was texting about the game with his friend. He wanted a fast way to say “For the win,” so he typed,”Yo, did you see in that game, I was all like “FTW!” Then it was born…


Pronunciation: (I-A-N-A-L)

Meaning: This one is short for “I Am Not A Lawyer.” I’m just going to come right out and say I have never heard of this one. Most people probably haven’t, because it doesn’t seem like a well known one. So I can’t blame myself for little knowledge on it. Phew!

Origin: A little boy was in Micheal’s Arts And Crafts store, when he accidentally stole some glue. His Mom texted her husband if that was bad or not, because he was only a little boy, and he took a long time to text back. During that time, the Mom took the boy back to the store, and gave the glue back to the cashier. She said that it was OK, and it happened all the time. And finally, when they got in the car to leave, he texted back,”I am not a lawyer.” On the drive home, the Mom thought of more convenient ways to say that, and then IANAL was brought in to the world.


Pronunciation: (J-K)

Meaning: I’m pretty sure this one is short for “just kidding.” I’ve noticed that it is mostly used on Facebook, and talking out loud with people because you are trying to “save time.”

Origin: I’m guessing a woman named Yolanda was texting with her friend Mitchell, and she accidentally texted an offense “Yo Mama!” joke.  Then, after Mitchell texted back a provoking frowny face, Yolanda forced herself to write “Just Kidding!” But she kept spelling it wrong and auto correct kept turning it in to “John Kinning!” So she just wrote “JK!” and forgot about auto correct. The beginning of the new era…

I hope I helped some confused parents who needed help decoding their child. Or I just made things more confusing. I don’t know. To be honest, I really don’t know any of these. I just found them online on a website that I hoped no-one would see if plagiarized. Just kidding, I didn’t plagiarize anything…Or did I?

(que the dramatic music)

Post 7 out of 30 for NaBloPoMo. 23 more to go!