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I’m sorry to anyone who anyone who likes Football, which may be a lot of you, but what I’m going to say is going to be said. Like that quote that I have heard off a website.

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I’m definitely applied to the fool’s side of it. I don’t really have something to say; I just have a feeling that I need to say something. But never mind that. I’m sorry, but I don’t like tackling sweaty big guys in metal suits!

Football just isn’t my thing. Because of the fact that my arms and legs are about as powerful as croutons, I can’t tolerate things like this. Sports do come easy for other people, but not for me. I mean, with Football there is just too much about it that I hear all the time for me to want to do it. There is just too much pressure to be good at it. If you are wondering….

Charlie, did somebody steal your bones? It doesn’t seem like you ever go outside, like you are a un-movable couch potato.

Yes, I don’t feel like I have bones. But I do, I’ll be honest. Soccer and Baseball I can tolerate, but Football I just can’t. I don’t appreciate pointy-shaped balls flying at my face at 180 miles per hour. It just makes me feel sick to my stomach when I think of it. Hairy, big, sweaty guys piling on top of you, while you gasp for air with others crushing your windpipe. I hate how when you have the ball in Football, people come flying at you and crushing you, having no regard for what you are feeling. Just gleefully sitting on you.

If I was ever playing football in a big stadium (which I doubt will happen, and I hope it won’t), things would probably go terribly. I bet you that the person who says “Hike” (whatever that means), and throws the ball to me. That person just made a terrible mistake, because I remember a time I played football before; I didn’t know what to do with the ball, and someone came and tackled me. But then back to the stadium thing. Sweaty guys from the other team would keep coming up to me, and I would be blind and clueless for what to do. And then the final action happened in slow motion. A guy ran up to me, jumped up on top of me, and squished me. People at home threw piles of wing bones on the ground in disappointment, while the player took the ball from me, and scored a goal (I don’t know). Fanatics at the stadium with shirts off and letters painted on their stomachs boo st the top of their lungs. If that ever happened, it probably would have been worse then the butt fumble.

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Just a reminder, post 8 out of 30 for NaBloPoMo

The most annoying experience I have faced with Football is the people at home. They don’t seem to care about noise violations. Once when my Dad and his friends were watching the game in Ocean City. Nothing special there, but right when the team lost they screamed extremely loud. Some of their neighbors thought a party was going on, and a couple of police cars came up to the house. That taught him to not be as loud. Whenever the game is on and someone scores a…uh…goal, strike, hole in one, WHATEVER! At least 14 people on my street yell and go crazy. This would be fine with me, but it isn’t because Football is on so late at night! When I’m in my bed, ready to sleep, at one point there is always a moment when the whole block yells. They don’t seem to have a single regard to any other living beings. Usually it happens when I’m already asleep, and then there is an insanely loud noise. I fall out of my bed, bump my head on the floor, and don’t wake up until morning. This always has to be the worst out of all of the experiences.

And finally, the final thing about football is the people trying to watch it. I mean, you are in the middle of a date with Downtown Abbey, and someone comes in and changes the channel. And obviously, when you try to watch TV somewhere else, it is on in every room. Through my experience with this, people who turn it on in every room and won’t let you change the channel because they want to let the experience last. In other words, they keep it on so when they go in to an other room to get water, they will still be watching football.

I don’t really like football. I’m sure you could tell already. It’s not that I don’t respect people who like football, and are willing to go crazy for it. I mean, I like it (a bit). I don’t like it enough to actually play it. Last time I played it I got a black eye, and it turned out that I wasn’t very good at catching. I like it enough to watch it (for about 20 minutes), and to tolerate people tackling each other for entertainment.

I like it in the slightest manor. You can tell things about football are extremely annoying. But this is just football.

Don’t even get me started on the Superbowl.