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If you ever asked me what my favorite holiday was, I wouldn’t hesitate. It would be Halloween. I always came home with a pillowcase full of candy, and already planning to spend the night gaining weight, while feeling good. That one day we’ve all been preparing for for the whole month is now gone. Everyone is taking their decorations down. And I can’t do anything about it. It is kind of like the scene in The Terminator, where a little girl was on a swing, and a woman was pounding against the fence trying to get the girl away. I don’t understand it too much, because that goes as far as I know. But as I walk around, I notice that people keep taking the decorations down. I want to make them stop. I want them to listen. But as this goes on, I realized one thing…

I’m not letting Halloween go

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Do the pumpkin dance y’all

All you people have already started to decorate for Christmas! If I could, I would be like Robin hood, and steal decorations from people, and put them in my yard. Except Robin Hood wasn’t selfish about this. But this is serious. My favorite holiday has seemed to go down the drain to you people. But I know we can resurrect it.

I mean, it may seem too stupid and too much of a waste of time to put all of your decorations back up, but come on! A couple days after Halloween, and you are like “Uh huh ha. Lets put up our Christmas decorations, and shun everyone who actually respects Thanksgiving!” Just pay some respect to the traditions of life.

I’m not saying we delay every other holiday, just to make room for one great one. What I’m saying is, why do you people just let fun traditions like watching “It’s The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown,” and putting up decorations go, just like you did. I mean, I know you are excited for Christmas, and I know you are excited to stuff stuffing in a turkey. But just let Halloween last for a little while. You can put Christmas off to a few more days. You can get through this, just keep your decorations up and I will be quiet. There are perks to it, at least I will stop pestering you to do it. You will get more respect from people like. Shun Thanksgiving and Christmas for a while, and see how they like it. You can get through this, just leave the other holidays alone for a bit. Just listen, and you will succeed.