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Well, I went on a plane. It was terrifying. You may think, “No, your so wrong! Planes are fun, baby crab cakes!” For me the liftoff was exhilarating, yet scary. I was afraid that the pilot was going to fly us to a secret military facility, and we would have to stay there and be friends with aliens. But, as we were used to the feeling of being in the sky, it happened. A baby started crying. This may make a non bitter person think, “Oh, the cute little baby is crying! You know little baby, I’m going to eat you up! Yes I am, yes I am!” Well, that makes me feel sorry for the mother. People kept giving her looks on the ride, just despising her infant. I also noticed that there is always one guy behind you snoring. After a while, you just want to slap him. He seems to have no dignity. It probably happens to everyone, except if you are that person.DUH DUH DUHN!

After the stewardess came and told the baby that crying wasn’t allowed, the baby stopped shrieking and went to sleep. Then our plane landed, and we were in Florida! It was so exciting! I wanted to see if Walt Disney’s head was frozen in some storage unit. Everything was so exciting! And today is more exciting. We are going to the actual Disney theme park! Disneyworld! I can’t be any more excited. The only thing bringing me down right now is the fact that I’m blogging on a kindle fire, and that is hard. Stupid autocorrect. If I could have anything in the world right now, it would be a lab top to type on. I like to have keyboards that aren’t a screen. I’m sorry that my posts aren’t as long and descriptive as before. They will be back to normal in a couple of days. Our hotel room is very luxurious. I can’t wait anymore for Disneyworld. I never used the word ‘bye’ in my posts for a while, so to make this sound like one of my old posts, bye!