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CONTINUING FROM PART 1, we were stuck on that ride. The music saying “It’s a small world after all,” was getting creepy. It sounded like it was saying “Kill! Kill!” I freaked out, and I guess the world said that no one can hear your screams. In saying that because the song started going slowly, and it sounded so stretched out and creepy. It went so slowly, like a turtle doing a triathlon. And then the music stopped, and the boat went to the exit at full speed. I felt like my skin was flying off. I tried to walk off that ride, but my legs didn’t work because I was still so thrilled. I had to be carried around, but long story short: I enjoyed it.

Right after that, I saw a big primitive looking house. I say primitive because the bricks seemed very old fashioned, and so did the rest of the exterior. After a bit of looking around, it turned out to be the haunted mansion ride. We fast-passed it, because the line was too long to wait. 20 minutes, ugh. As the big door creamed open, we went in to a circular room. The room seemed to stretch, and we descended down. This opened a door to a rollercoaster, and we got on. And we went on. It started off to have fake ghosts flying around. It was strange. The special effects were amazing. I can’t remember much of it, but I do remember one room with an Oracle ball. It floated in the air, and it had a realistic face inside. I’m pretty sure it was projected, but it could have been robotic. There were many more details, but I’m probably not the person to remember something. I’m more like a goldfish when it comes to that.

And finally, the most ambitious thing I have been anticipating. The Seven Dwarfs Mine Train. The whole time at Disney, I was trying to decide whether or not to go on that ride. There was a devil and an angel on my shoulder, and I guess the devil took over and won. Because I went on it. The wait time was 50 minutes, and we didn’t have any fast passes left. So we waited, and every minute the suspense rose. And finally, at one moment, it was time to board the train. At that moment, I was terrified. I tried to get off, and get away. But I couldn’t. It was too late. The train left off, and we instantly went downhill. I couldn’t believe it. My first real rollercoaster.  And then we went up a big hill. And then we went down and vertigo struck me. I was going to die! Life was over! But there was so much I didn’t accomplish. I never said “Check please” at a restaurant. I never went to Venice. And I never claimed that American cheese has nothing to with our country. And then we went down. I thought that I would want to go off, but I though it was wonderful. And then we entered a cave. It was wonderful in there. There were animatronic dwarfs, and they all made noises. It was so cheerful and welcoming. And then the song started playing. Hi Ho! And for the rest of the ride, I felt invincible. Nothing could bring me down. Except the s. But I stood tall, as I faced my fear. The web thing seemed like a blur after that, but I can only remember that one feeling: Courage. I was the king of the world for a bit, and not even if you said you thought I was the worst human being ever, you couldn’t make me any less happy. If you were to say I am over exaggerating, you are probably right. I might be doing that. But that was a true beginning. You could say my feelings are stupid, but I think that you can’t over exaggerate the truth. But it was my first real rollercoaster. I never went on one before because the only ones I could find were ones that go straight up in the sky, the drop down at top speed. Also because I was scared of rollercoasters. But that was Disney world. Next up, Universal Studios.

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