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Right when we walked in to Universal Studios, I knew this wouldn’t be for me. I heard this place was known for thrilling rides, and I usually don’t do those. Last time when I did one when I was 6, I was crying and my stomach felt like it flipped upside down. I screamed at the operator to stop the ride. It was one of those Pirate Ship rides, and I did not like it. So I thought the rides here were going to be terrible. And I was right. So right.

After we walked through the entrance, we saw the Universal Studios globe. I thought it didn’t exist, but now I guess I was wrong. Though it wasn’t as cool as I thought it would be. I thought it would have neon lights projecting around it, and it wold be filled in, not holes in it. But it is how it is. Then we walked in to the actual entrance to the theme park. Right when we walked in, I saw the most terrifying ride I have ever seen.  Everyone tells me not to use the word terrifying so much because that is not the right way to say it, because being mauled by a lion is terrifying. But I actually mean it with this ride. It went straight up, and then directly down. I don’t know how anyone could do that, because being plummeted to the ground at at least 800 mph could make you turn flatter then a pancake. I have pictures of it, but they aren’t uploaded to the computer yet. I will update this in a day or so, so the pictures will actually be here.

We walked around for a minute or so, but the real thing I wanted to see I rushed everyone to go to. There were beautiful buildings all over, but why should I care. The one thing I wanted to see everyone seemed to not be able to care less about. Of course, it was the Harry Potter attractions. I finally found a red building. But people kept walking through there, and they didn’t come out. But I was so confused and annoyed. It said on the map that Diagon Alley was right there. But where was it. I knew from the books that they got to Diagon Alley from The Leaky Cauldron, but I couldn’t find it. So after I thought it was hopeless, I walked through the red building. And then I was amazed. There was Diagon Alley! It seemed as though the books had actually came to life. It looked almost exactly like it was in the movie. The buildings looked so old-fashioned and odd. But they were great in that way.

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It was great. There was one amazing thing in which I did not expect. There was a very large stone model of the Gringott’s dragon, and he stood on top of the bank itself. And every ten minutes or so, it breathed fire. I am not kidding. It was not a special effect. It was actual fire. You could feel heat blast against your body as it went off. It was amazing. After a cup of butterbeer and a little more exploring, we decided to go to Krusty Land. I feel like we rushed through Diagon alley, which was sad because the place was amazing.

Krustyland was a Simpson’s themed part of the park. It was great there. There was incredible detail all over. There was even Lard Lad!

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I never knew that my dream friend would exist. I thought the only time I would ever encounter the Lard Lad species was when I watched the Simpson’s theme song. Visiting the Lard Lad was like spending a day in Heaven. In just a few seconds, he will be your new best friend. Forget every other person in your life- he is all you need. Forever.

In Krustyland, there was one ride that my dad really wanted to go on. The Simpson’s Ride. I thought it would be nice to go on with him. Marshall left the line at the last moment, due to impatience. And that means that the ride was starting. There were TVs all over, playing The Simpson’s episodes over and over again. And finally, the ride started. It was a motion simulator, so it wasn’t a traditional ride. All the rides at Universal seemed so insane, so I thought this would be the only one I wouldn’t die doing. So it started. Our ride went up, and started shaking around. It was themed that the Simpsons were testing a roller coaster, and Sideshow Bob the supervillian hacked in to the ride and started to make it to kill them while riding it. The movements were intense, but it was funny. I found it scary at first, but I grew to like it. It seemed so high-tech, because you really felt like you were going downhill. You flew in space, fought a radioactive Maggie, and battled a robotic Sideshow Bob. It was fun, but intense.

Right after that, I pushed everyone to go to Hogsmeade, the village right outside of Hogwarts. We took the Hogwarts Express there, and the ride was amazing itself. When you got to platform 9-3 quarters, you could actually go through the wall. I’m guessing the wanted to make the experience amazing, so they added a touch of magic. While you walk through the passageway, the door looks fine. But there is a mirror near the door, and in there it looks like you actually walk through a wall. I have no idea how they did that, and I don’t think I will ever know throughout my whole entire life. But back to the Hogwarts Express. A dementor got loose on the train, and it actually tapped on the glass. You could see the shadow, and the air got cold. Just to explain why I forced everyone to go here is because I am a huge fan of the books. I read all of them, watched all of the movies, and wrote several fan-fictions. Being a Harry Potter geek isn’t wrong, because they probably are the best books in the world. But back to Hogsmeade, the buildings there were beautiful. They were so authentic, and the chimneys were twisted. It was odd, but it was great. Right when we got there, I was in geek Heaven. It was like putting a man absorbed in to his money in a field full of it. While we walked around, I saw the most amazing thing ever. Hogwarts castle itself. I had to stay there for a while. I didn’t want to leave, but I had to. And then we welcomed lunch in to our stomachs. Whoa, I never imagined myself saying that. When we ordered our food, we sat down at the one table that didn’t have people at it. And then our food came. We all stared in awe as a feast arrived at our table.

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Can you believe it? I bet you can’t!

We barely ate any of it, because we spent all of our time taking pictures of it. We ate a bit, but not much. The whole building was loud and crowded. So we left. But then the saddest thing happened. Everyone made me leave. I’m sorry that I loved the center of my attention. My dream world. How can you just take that away? I think I have a better connection to the world of Harry Potter then the author herself, J.K Rowling. Imagine if you took her away from there, and look back at what I just said. Taking me away would be like taking a baby away in a Pelican’s mouth. No-one would believe you, and help you find your baby. But that’s what I mean!

Right afterwards, we went to Suessland. I’m pretty sure people don’t appreciate this much because it is focused on little kids, and I think they did a good job with that. But everything there is amazing. Just look at the trash can. Is is pebbled? No. Is it automatic? No. It is designed amazingly, and people just don’t notice it. No. They just throw trash in it. Of course. Because that is what this beautiful piece of the world is, a trash can. After my cloud of annoyance, we went on The Cat In The Hat. This ride was so incredibly trippy. It makes your eyes go insane. But it was amazing. It was reciting the book, while animatronic characters from the story acted it out, while on a roller coaster. Though it messed with your eyes, while Thing 1 and Thing 2 formed spirals on the walls, and they kept cart-wheeling all around. The ride was great itself, but that was all I went on. Everything else seemed too scary to me. But that is ok, because we got to look around more.

Right after that, we went to The Horror Make-up Show. Two comedians (I think) talked about horror make-up. They kept call up a woman named Avis up, and making her do terrible things. At one point, I was waving my Harry Potter wand around, and the people on the stage said that someone messed up a prop. And then this is what the guy said: “Uhh.. Well, I didn’t do it! You see..uh…Well, THAT KID, yeah, right over there, used a spell with his wand and messed it up!” And guess what. He pointed at me. The other guy came up and said, “Young man, did you do this?” I replied, “If I didn’t, why would I be here right now?” Then he said “How old are you young man?” I said, after hesitation, “10.” Then he made a point. “Did you know that you aren’t supposed to perform magic at the age 11, and did you not just say ‘Expelliarmus’ at me?” I said, “Well… I did not know that, and no, I did not say Expelliarmus. I said ‘Avada Kevadra.’ Then he said, “What is your name?” I had to reply. “My name is Marvin… I think.” I wish I didn’t say that, because I could have said my name was Rad Tad, or Rihanna, or even Stella Pointerfinger. I felt so stupid. Marvin? That used to be a funny name, until now it sounds stupid whenever you say, like the name Bob. Right in a second, my brother yelled “HIS NAME IS NOT MARVIN! IT IS GTFHFJTFUGY” I put my hand over his mouth, and said “Fine. My name is Harry Pott..uh. Portmann!” He said “Ok, Harry Portmann, where are you from?” I said “New Jersey.” And in reply he said “Ugh, New Jersey. I….” “HIS NAME IS NOT HARRY! IT’S CHARLIE!” Marshall let the name out, which was sad. Then thw guy said “So, CHARLIE!” I’m just going to let this one go, but you know I have my eye on you.” I feel stupid for the name Marvin. Why Marvin? Why?

Wow, Universal was a pretty big place. I call it Disney’s Angry Little Sister. It will always be under Disney’s wing, so that explains the little sister. It is angry, because there are many intense rides, and it seems as if the park wants to eliminate all children. Universal was amazing, but I still think Magic Kingdom was better. So two parks are down, one more to go. Next up, Epcot!