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Well, Epcot was different then I thought. It was full of screaming kids, tired of learning. Epcot is mostly learning, some rides, and countries of the world. There is a giant golf ball in the sky. I heard people around remarking that they should have brought a golf club there, so they could kill it. To be honest, I don’t know what that ball is supposed to be. Is it a golf ball? A spaceship? A globe? Or one of those Beanie Baby ball animals that no-one likes. Why do they even sell those?

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Imagine getting a dead animal, turning it in to a ball, and stuffing stuffing in it.

I heard it was a ride, or maybe they are using it for a Star-Trek slash Happy Gilmore movie. I would like to see that. Calling it ‘Star Trek: The Gilmore Chronicles.’ In Disney world, there are four parks. Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios, and Animal Kingdom. All of them are pretty great, but I could only go to two of them to make up for hurt feet. The parks always kill you. Exploring the parks will make you feel like you are stepping in volcanic magma. In Epcot, there is a big lake, and all around it is the world showcase. We went all around it, and that made my feet feel like that they would die and float up to foot Heaven if they took one more step. That’s how bad it is. Though everything is so pretty, so you don’t want to stop moving. Your feet say stop, but your head wants to keep going. From eating at Mexico, to watching acrobats in China, the world showcase is pretty amazing. There was Mexico, Norway, China, Germany, The American Adventure, Japan, Morocco, France, United Kingdom, and Canada. It was funny because there a big area of the map was themed around the future, and it wasn’t really high-tech at all. Less high-tech then Magic Kingdom. But during the whole showcase, I was so excited to go to Norway. I thought there was going to be castles, and I heard there was a great ride there. But I didn’t know that we could just take a left at Mexico, so we ended up just walking all the way round the whole world showcase. And we were so close! My feet hurt so badly, like someone lit a torch on them, but it was almost over. We were at Norway! I closed my eyes, because I was so excited. But then, I opened them, and disappointment struck me. The whole place was only selling Frozen-themed stuff, and the whole place was themed around it! And there weren’t even any castles! But there was still the ride. I walked up to were it was, and it said “Closed For Renovation.” I was stunned. How could they do this to me? I looked on the Epcot website after, and found out that they are turning the ride in to a trip through Aarondale, Anna and Elsa’s home town.

We walked through all of the countries. That resulted in hurt feet. So we walked back to Future Land. We found the giant golf ball again, only to see that it was lit up.

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It seemed like my Star Trek slash Happy Gilmore movie was coming to life, with it glowing up, seeming more like a high-tech golf ball. I found out that it was a ride, called Spaceship Earth. That name seemed really amazing, so that made me want to go on. If I didn’t go on that ride, my overpowering need to go on it would collapse on itself, and the whole world would end (or something among those lines). So we went on it. The whole thing was slow, and it showed the history of communication throughout all the ages. Ugh. Too much learning! You know, to see this, we could have just watched Epcot tour videos, and we could have not spent 200 dollars to come to the park. You are lucky we paid you, Imagineers! The inside of Spaceship Earth had a whole load of animatronics, which made it fun for me. Animatronic is my new favorite word for some reason. In Spaceship Earth, it had all the details throughout the centuries. It even had Michelangelo painting on his back!

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It was amazing, really. I thought we were going through the big building right next to the golf ball, but we weren’t. We were actually going through the dome. My heart went from calm to panic as it seemed that it didn’t matter to anyone else that we were going inside of a gigantic unstable dome. I closed my eyes, then opened them as stars twinkled. It was amazing. There were fake, glistening stars floating everywhere. I couldn’t stop being amazed. Then our ride turned around, and it was the end. That was the most anti-climatic experience of my life.

And after that, to finish the night, we went on the line for Soarin’. It is a motion simulator that makes you feel as if you were flying over California. I was a bit nervous to do it, but it happened. It was a 50-minute wait, and my brother dropped out, so my dad had to go with him. After half of it went by, I got a text from him saying that they were in Mexico, while we were waiting in a huge line. I closed my eyes, and counted to 10, and finally, the line ended. I’m going to start doing that for a lot of things not, because that was great. And finally, we strapped in. I was so nervous! Our ride lifted up, and it put us in a big purple dome. And it started. All around us, beautiful mountains, forest, and oceans surrounded us as we flew. It was beautiful. I kicked air balloons, and told kids that were skiing to stay in school. I didn’t want the moment to end. And after a minute or two of flying, we ended up in Downtown Disney, as fireworks shot up in the sky.  And then it ended. We thought “That is it?” It felt as if it were only a minute. But that moment was over, so we went to Mexico.

Epcot is well know for their award winning fireworks, so we went to Japan to see them. And then they started. We could barely see because of the obnoxious people in our way, but we could make it out a little bit. And it started. Fire lit up from the center of the lake, and fireworks from every country crack and shot diagonally towards the middle. A model of earth came from an island, and it showed a movie on it, as fireworks cracked around it. It was beautiful. “This is probably my best moment in Disney world” I thought. Then a grave thought hit me, and stabbed my heart. “We have to leave tomorrow.” All of my memories flashed before my eyes, as my last big moment took place. I just about was able to see, over my teared-up eyes. I felt a huge area of my heart was just killed. I was dead inside. No fate was worse then this to me. Everyone around me looked so happy, if only they were feeling what I was feeling right now. As they watched the beautiful fireworks shoot in the sky, I slumped down on the ground. It was so depressing. I took out the clockwork lucky cat that I got from Japan, and watched it as it moved its arm feebly and slowly. It was over. My first time in Disney. My first roller coaster. It was terrible. Oh, it is so hard writing this while I am listening to Radio Mozart. An incredibly sad song is playing. But I tucked the cat in my backpack, and held Disney in my hand. I knew we would be back soon. I could feel it. I stood back up, and watched as the earth opened up, and fire shot out of it. And it ended. It truly was the end. But I wasn’t going to let it go. I made everyone follow me, as I walked around the whole world showcase. No matter how much my feet hurt, it was happening. And everything just hit me. All our memories just went through my mind. I just wanted to cry. But I didn’t. I kept walking, and didn’t stop. As we reached Mexico again, I was ready for it. The true end. We walked back to Future Land, and walked out of the gate. We walked to our rental car, and I took the clockwork cat out again. It waved its arm, and I just smiled. We got in the car, and we left. It was the true end.

Well, I know that was depressing. My first time in Disney was over. At least I still have the TV channel, and many Disney movies. I left the park feeling a mixture of sadness, and happiness. Sad because we were leaving, and happy because we were leaving. You know what, happiness. At least we went there in the first place. At least I could feel sad.

At least I was there, experiencing magic