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You know what, in life I mostly have been noticing the good things. But when I get back from the family trip to Florida, work piled right on top of me. That work turned in to stress, and that stress turned in to a really horrible day. That horrible day turned in to a void full of sadness. And since it is the month of Thanks, I decided to show my pain by doing 23 things I’m un-thankful for. You know, just to release a little bit of venom in to the holiday season

1.) Oranges. Why couldn’t you give the greatest fruit ever a more creative name?

2.) People who say “I have OCD.” OCD is serious, and that is just cruel how you just say that. OCD is an actual disease, and you would know if you had it.

3.) Salt. I can’t have it, because I feel like I ate pepper’s best friend afterwards.

4.) Pepper. Because I always feel like I ate salt’s best friend.

5.) Airports. Because we woke up at 4:00 in the morning to catch our flight back to Pennsylvania, and the flight was pushed back two hours due to delay.

6.) Shuttle Buses. You can never go in one without the over-whelming stench of vomit and french fries.

7.) Apple cinnamon cheerios. I’m sorry, but why? Apple and cinnamon don’t seem like a good mix, and it sounds even worse to add milk to it.

8.) Shovels. Their main purpose is to hurt dirt and sand, by taking it out from its hole and putting them on land, with all that terrible grass.

9.) The people who call on you at a show. You never know what to say, and that always makes you regret saying what you said because it comes to you afterwards.

10.) Frosty The Snowman. I must assure all of you that snowmen do not come to life. Nor do they talk, walk, or say, “Happy Birthday!”

11.) Chicken nuggets. These always make me think of crushing a chicken in to a little cube, and then frying it so it will taste good.

12.) Football. On Thanksgiving, I can never watch the Thanksgiving specials of any TV show because rude people come in and change the channel on you.

13.) Unnecessarily shortened words. It is so hard to catch on to words like “totes,” and LOL. It makes me feel like I’m not part of the new flow.

14.) Little kids who say “Liberry.” It is not too hard to understand that ‘liberry’ is not a word. I’m surprised you say liberry, yet you want to read book. It might be too challenging for you.

15.) People who try to sound complex by using big words they don’t know. It is so conscientious of people to be this annoying. I find them very photosensitive.

16.) People who don’t turn off the volume of the keyboard while texting. Why? People around you can hear the unnecessary clacking of a keyboard. It is a digital keyboard, not a real one.

17.) The lanes in supermarkets where you can only buy up to 20 items. This happens at all the most inconvenient times. When you get at least 40 items. Then you have to make the decision of what to buy, and to leave behind. This usually takes a while, and the line behind you gets big.

18.) People trying to board a shuttle bus while you try to get off of it. Obnoxious people like this try to wedge between you as you try to get off the bus. Of course when you are stuck in this situation, you think the other person is going to be the bigger person and move. But it doesn’t happen.

19.) Crying children on an airplane. You can’t make them stop. And the poor parents always feel embarrassed as it happens.

20.) People who get tired of writing a list post, and start making terrible reasons.

21.) People who read what they are writing out loud. While you are trying to focus on something you are doing, there is always someone to announce what they are writing. They have to mutter it under their breath, and it is super annoying.

22.) People who take too many napkins, then only use one. Why do you even bother? Don’t you dare throw those extra napkins away. They are pieces of nature, and the world.

23.) People who deny something that you can tell happened. When someone stole one of your chicken wings, you definitely would like to look at the guy with hot sauce on his mouth. But he denies it, when it is in plain sight. Which I find disgusting. Use a napkin!

Well, that made me feel a little better. It was better then just thinking about all of them. Though now I’m annoyed how I wrote it, and didn’t do anything else to eliminate boredom. Ok, I’m in a bad mood.

Have a very terrible night!