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As we get deeper in to the holiday season, the air gets colder. Believe me, I bet people like me are most affected by this. I get cold extremely easily, and I’m usually cold in the Summer! That may sound like bogus, but it is true. I have my own wearable blanket thing to deal with it. But the cold is terrible. If you go out outside in the morning, your face will feel like it will fly off! I don’t know if this year is different from the others, but the temperature definitely feels off. Way colder. Last year in November I can clearly remember myself being able to go outside, and rake leaves. You know, without feeling like a hairless chimp in Antarctica. The weather this year so far feels even worse then last year, when it snowed at least every day. I think we are in for way more snow this year, because I (accidentally, I don’t watch the News) saw on the news that in Buffalo, NY, they already have 6 ft of snow! That is more then I have ever heard of in my life. I am so glad I am not there right now, because my idea of snow is different then an average person. I would like to go outside for a little bit, then come inside, and use that small amount of time as an excuse to say I went outside. Don’t get me wrong: I love snow, but it is just that trying to endure the cold is hard, so I come back in sooner. But if I was in Buffalo right now, I think I’d be lost under endless mounds of snow.

6 ft is taller then me. The thought of getting trapped in your own house is unthinkable. I could imagine myself going upstairs, pushing a window screen open, then jumping out. I might have forgotten the fact that it was powdery snow, and I probably would’ve gotten lost under mountains of frozen rain.

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Fresh air!

I mean, it would be fun to pretend you are trapped inside a house with only a small can of water left to drink, and a chewed up Slim Jim wrapper to eat. But the fact that you actually are trapped in your house is terrifying. I mean, people are actually digging tunnels from their front doors to get out. Imagine if some little boy jumped on the snow covering the tunnel, and it collapsed, while it took a person ages of shoveling to be able to get out of their own house. It did also say on the news that 6 people have died in Buffalo because of the snow, and I don’t want to disrespect that. Not at all. But Buffalo is the perfect example to base the cold off of.

I hate the cold. It is worse then the intense heat. The fact you feel as if Jack Frost just stuffed an icicle in your mouth,wait a second, that wouldn’t even match up for what I’m saying! What did that come from? But the thing is that you wish it was hot when this happens, then when it gets hot you wish it was cold. I have no idea how to avoid the cold. Maybe, wear a 3 layer Inuit hat?

Nailed it!

But the point of this post is to tell you about this. Yes, our annual holiday debacle is starting, and people are starting to think that the cold is worth it. And also people are annoying others with Christmas decorations on Thanksgiving. But to me, the cold is still terrible. No excuses. Not for me. I prefer early Fall when it comes to that, because it is just the right amount of cold. But you know what, I think there will be another post like this in Summer.

Because then I will be complaining about the heat.