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Two years ago, I got my dog, Finis. He came from Missouri, where one of my relatives live. So they found him, we bought tickets for him to get here, and now we have a dog. But ever since we got him, we noticed that he loves to growl at squirrels. And how he thinks that he is a lumbering giant, when really he is quite small. Ever since we got him, we’ve been noticing how hard it is to be the owner of an aggressive little dog.

I can remember one time we took our dog for a walk. Then, a small little poodle walked alongside us. We had no idea what our dog was capable of, so we just walked by without holding him back or anything. That was a huge mistake. Finis lunged at the poodle, making scary growling noises, while he took control of me when I fell to the ground. He dragged across to get to the poodle, but he wasn’t very fast with me holding on to the leash. Now, whenever a dog walks by us, we hold him tightly, we cover his eyes so can’t see the other dog, and we hide him, so it doesn’t look like we even have a dog to the owner.

There was another annoying time we had with him. One lazy Saturday, we opened all the curtains to let sunshine fill our home. The sky was blue, and it was beautiful. For about 45 minutes, Finis kept staring out the window, looking deeply in to nothing. And then, it came. A squirrel walked up on the fence. Finis barked so loudly, while I covered my mouth, he jumped right through the screen gate, left a huge hole, and chased that squirrel down without a leash in an un-fenced yard. Now, we close the windows, and shut the curtains most of the time.

The scariest thing about having an aggressive dog is when they jump in to bed with you. It seems like such a sweet and nice thing to do, but my dog takes it seriously. If I ever touch him, he will give you the scariest growl you have will ever hear. It will leave your heart pounding, and it will make you feel like a maniac killer got in to your house, and you see him holding the knife high up in the air.

No-one probably has this problem with their dog, but we do with ours. The fact that he got so absorbed in the squirrel-catching business, that he climbs trees to find them. This is not a joke. He will just jump right up, and use his teeth to climb up even farther. Usually, when he can’t take the pressure anymore, he will fall down, with a huge chunk of bark in his teeth. He is an odd dog.

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Eat that squirrel!

Well, there you have it. Whenever we take a walk with him, we usually pick him up like a suitcase, and say, “I’m sorry that he nearly killed your dog! He normally isn’t like this!” Whenever you hear a dog-owner day he normally isn’t like this, you know they just couldn’t think of any nicer way of saying that their dog is evil.  I can’t say that my dog is evil, I just think that we need to make him nicer. If he didn’t just let a squirrel win a fight, or he didn’t just stay outside for way too long, he will probably be fine around you. Unless you count that time he bit a kid’s finger of- NEVERMIND! You’ll love him!