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I have been through many bad experiences. There was many of them, including the zombie paper, a tree branch nearly falling on me, and a raccoon who didn’t like to eat sandwiches. But through all of them, I knew one thing. It could be worse. I always think about that, and then thinking about how worse it could be. But sadly, I got my answer.

It was a typical Friday night. I just wanted to kick back, and enjoy myself. After several attempts to open my DVR with my mind, because the remote was so close but so far. I thought, ‘I am overworking myself,’ and I got up and grabbed it. I opened up the DVR, and looked through the whole list. I decide that I would yet again, watch “It’s The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown!” I scrolled down even farther, because it was at the bottom of my list. And then, in horror, it wasn’t there. In panic, I quickly scanned the DVR several more times, until I gave up my depressing fate. It was deleted from my DVR.

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What had done it? The 52 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle episodes? 4 Halloween movies? A nearly complete season of Saturday Night Live? But whatever it was, it wasn’t worth it. It was gone. I could still go through the entire Charlie Brown episode in my head, and remember everything, but that only makes it sound much clearer that making me get rid of it would be the most horrific thing in the world. When I had noticed that it was gone, I was dead inside. I was planning on using my freakish memory by rehearsing each of the characters lines, because I remembered them all. I was planning on enjoying myself. But obviously the world had other plans.

Without that playing, there was nothing for me to do other then staring at my Advent calender, and thinking about using it for a November Advent calender, and I could catch up by laying in my bed and eating chocolate, while thinking of The Great Pumpkin. It was a fitting tribute. But knowing that Linus won’t jump in to a pile of leaves, and remind Charlie Brown that he should never do that with a wet sucker, is just unsettling.

The thought of the whole thing makes me feel sick to my stomach. Maybe a good way to end this is to grab a rock from my backyard, put it in a bag, and write in sharpie, “Charlie Brown’s Halloween candy.” But I know there isn’t anything I can do. Yes, I had already tried searching this up on YouTube, but there was only the foreign versions. No me gusta este. But the terrible thing about this whole debacle is that I never watched it without zoning out on something else, so I had missed a whole lot of parts.

This is terrible. No doubt about it. The fact that I have to let it go is unsettling by itself. But it already happened, and there is nothing I can do. You know, I’ll only have to wait a year for it to air again. Yeah, it is no big deal. Oh, who am I kidding? I can’t wait! THIS WORLD! UGGHHHH!

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