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Everyone, at least once, has experienced as a child, looking up at a cool kid, and thinking, ‘Why must I be this terrible person, and not him!’ You probably wold find more of that in this generation, but look around you! Kids be wearin’ shades, and lookin’ down at you like what. That makes an average adult think ‘What the heck! When I was a kid, we actually wore hats the proper way.’ Well, you can’t just drive somewhere and not see a kid trying to look cool. Who are they trying to impress? A ring leader cool kid, who is at that level of cool that he has jockeys following him and trying to make him like them.

All around me, I see this. Just yesterday, I saw a kid wearing neon shorts with long black socks. I mistaked them for leg warmers, but that’s not the point. The point is what would the person they are trying to impress look like? Would he/she be wearing neon shorts and long black socks? Or are they just trying to start a trend, hoping that they will reach that level of cool in the process. To be honest, if I actually cared enough to think about trends and clothing, I probably would have done something like that. Then immediately regret it. It seems like a black hole really. It will suck you in.

Yesterday, I saw another trendy kid walking along. I was riding my bike, while a kid with a backwards hat went up besides me. I saw him stop, and the he reached for a two liter soda bottle that he was holding in his hand. He grabbed it, turned open the cap, and spilled all the soda in his mouth. It wasn’t root beer, it was Pepsi. Ugh! Didn’t he think of the calories? But nobody was watching, so I’m guessing he was trying to get a reputation for being a bad boy. I can imagine a gang of boys driving in a convertible. They are all wearing ‘shades,’ and the have incredibly long black socks. They say curse words, and play mailbox baseball. They also throw newspapers at cats. That is a terrible thought. But this whole thing is encouraging kids to be bad, so they do it just to make themselves popular. And guess what that road could lead them to. Spending 3 years in jail for stealing a dog from a woman’s purse.

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I pity these people, but that doesn’t stop me from laughing. Whenever a kid plays baseball in front of me, I see them spit on the ground. Everyone seems to do that now. If they had chewing tobacco in their mouths, I would find it acceptable. But without it it is borderline ridiculous! Ah, I love it but hate it at the same time. I want them to stop, but I also really don’t. Well, whenever I ask a kid why he is wearing shorts in December, the answer usually is, “I’m hot, doofus!” But at the same time, I can tell that they are anything but that. I mean, I try not to be like this. But I might, but I don’t know. I’m usually the guy who keeps Marge Simpson in his desk,  the guy who rehearses Charlie Brown lines in public, and the guy who drinks eggnog in front of people, and say, “I’m not crazy!” But who knows…

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