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A couple of days ago, my family went to a pizza place for lunch. We ordered our food, and then we waited. And we waited. Of course, we couldn’t take it much longer, and I was hungry, so I looked around at a little swivel stand with bags of chips on it, and I moved them around a bit. I was annoyed, because they didn’t have any Doritos, and there were no barbecue Frito’s. Angrily, I was about to throw the sour cream potato chips on the ground, until something caught my eye. I moved the chips over, and I saw something new. Lay’s Dill Pickle Potato Chips. Of course I had to get them.

I was so excited that I wanted to make a ceremony in its favor. I ended up not eating the chips, and bringing the bag home. When we left, which was soon, I tried to make it nice. I turned on Christmas music, and poured a glass of water in to my ‘Life Is Good’ mug. I’m not completely sure why I signaled a drum roll, but oh well. Slowly, I opened the bag, and the strong smell of rotten Avocado filled the air. I picked out a chip, and took a bite. To my horror, it was the worst thing I have ever tasted.

My God it was bad. I was so mad at everything and everyone. At Lay’s, for making this disgrace. At the pizza store, for selling it. At the person who let me buy it, for not warning me that it tasted bad. At my family, who seemed to like them. At myself, for not liking the chips. Anger filled me, but the ironic part was that it made me thirsty, so I had to drink out of my ‘Life Is Good’ mug. Ugh.

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To be honest, I think that it was the absolute worst idea for a chip flavor in the world. There are many other flavors to make, and Lay’s is popular enough to not have to resort to lying in front of the world to get them to like a chip flavor. I mean, they could make sardine flavored chips. Or portobello mushroom flavored chips. How about pine flavored chips?

There are millions of other chip ideas. Lay’s can just go through them, and save a whole lot of people from a serving size of disappointment. I had enough of that. I think I might just boycott Lay’s until they appeal to me somehow. Anywho, maybe I will just rely on Frito’s for a while, until Lay’s has regained its spot on my favorites list.