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Thanksgiving is dead now. Well, it was nice, I guess. My Thanksgiving included a family fiasco, sweet potato massacres, and drumstick disasters. But after that sadly ended, we are all on to the next thing. Once a holiday is over, it’s over. People don’t ever seem to look back on it, and acknowledge that we even had a holiday. No one seems to look like they cared that we roasted a turkey, spent hours making sweet potatoes, and battle old relatives over the last drumstick. Well, maybe this people are clinging to next thing because they don’t like to dwell on the past much, and I guess I am starting to accept that. But, what I’m not accepting at allis how the month corresponding to the holiday is basically over after the holiday, according to the people.

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All you stupid people move on to the next thing while the first is still happening! To most people, April is Easter, October is Halloween, November is “Turkey Day,” and December is Christmas. Of course, all the other months mean nothing, so they are officially EXCLUDED from the post. If there were no such thing as Christmas, children would be excited and happy about Thanksgiving, and the month of December would have nothing to look forward to. If there were no such thing as holidays at all, I think no-one would really care about which month it is whatsoever. Though misery would float through the air, which I might be able to enjoy, but, I love holidays way more than the next guy. So, what I’m really trying to say is, that I don’t want months, beautiful months, to just be known for their holidays. I want them to be known for the beauty, and serenity that they bring. I want them to be known for the joy that the people don’t seem to notice at all. Wow, I’m making normal humans sound like test subjects right now! But still, December is only popular for Christmas. Don’t believe me? Well, let’s look at August. There is nothing special at all in this month. No holidays. Just a month located between July and September. What I’m trying to say is that no-one is excited for August, because there is nothing to look forward to. That is how the whole world stays together. Because people who have nothing to look forward to soon get annoyed that something special is happening. And people like that get the least bit satisfied when something to look forward to actually comes, so they will be able to hold their sanity for a little longer, thus restarting the whole cycle. I just said “thus.” August is just a boring month. I don’t like August, because I am one of those people who I am talking about. I get bored! And a small holiday, like Thanksgiving, wedged between the two most popular ones, will make people just hang on to Christmas, and talk about Christmas, on Thanksgiving itself. So the 27th might as well just  be the end of November. No person seems to care!

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Except me, really. You know what, if I had the power, I would make people actually enjoy, and love the month they are in at the moment. It may sound like a lot to ask, but is it? You know what, I don’t care anymore, you fat pigs! Why am I trying to make you happy by making myself angry. You know what, I’m a good person, too good to be true. AN ANGEL!