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I did it! For an entire month, I posted every day, and didn’t cry at the keyboard as many times as I thought I would! Now, terrible memories, and some good ones will stir my mind whenever I think of November for the rest of my life. After all that happened, one thing struck me: I am never doing NaBloPoMo again. I guess it was fun, but it caused me too much pain to do it again. I survived, though. To make it even better, all of the posts were exceptionally long ones, to be exact. All of them were more than 700 words, some more than 1500 words. So, now I can say without making myself sound odd, I DID IT!

Though, I did encounter one problem. When I published my Universal Studios post, I looked at the blog calendar, it said I published the post on the 16th, instead of the 15th. So later I found out that 7:00 was apparently midnight to WordPress. Yes, I am aware of time zones, and I don’t need anyone, I repeat, ANYONE, to comment about that. So, it says that I didn’t post for two days, because I posted late at night. WHICH ISN’T FAIR! And even though I’m celebrating about completing the most brutal experience of my life, this one thing keeps coming up and bugging me.

I read a post on the BlogHer NaBloPoMo central called “How NaBloPoMo Feels… In 16 Pictures.” I read it, and it was all wrong to me, because I feel the exact opposite. There was a little more complete sadness in my experience, and annoyance. I thought I was going to feel terrible at the end, but, instead, I ended up feeling happy. Incredibly happy. So happy, that if I didn’t extinguish the fact that I was happy, the whole world would collapse upon itself, then a vast cloud of happiness would poison everyone and they would die. I’m also glad I didn’t resort to small posts, because I don’t really like those. Well, I don’t really like my style either, but by now, you get the idea.

I know most of this months posts were boring, but to be honest, at first I was enjoying myself and actually writing good, then I just let myself go, and just wanted to get it over with. Like a thing that comes to haunt me daily, and I can’t get rid of it until it’s over. But now it’s over, so I feel good. By good, I mean good that I got it over with, not good because I posted every day for a month, and live to tell the tale. Not good because I wrote mostly exceptionally good posts.  Well, I guess I should stop insulting myself about it so much, although I don’t want to make myself sound like a high-classed snob. Though I do know that I have completed NaBloPoMo, and it has been quite an experience. I met new people on the internet, got my first re blog, got many more followers, and most importantly, got better at writing. Actually, most importantly I got more followers, you know what, I don’t care. I’m off to take a little break from blogging. My next post could be tomorrow, or in a week. Who knows, I’ll do whichever comes first.Featured image I’m out.