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This is awkward. I haven’t posted in a couple of days. It feels odd doing it again, like over the five days I’ve completely moved on to the next thing. Well, I didn’t, and the closest thing to the next thing that happened over my break was noticing how ridiculous people sound in really old movies.

Well, now I’m back! And don’t expect me to say, “I’m back, baby,” because that isn’t happening here today, or any day ever. You might know that I took a little break after doing NaBloPoMo. Well, my break was just, well, boring actually. I had too much free time. And that whole experience made me realize how much free time I had. But through the countless days of not blogging, I felt sad, and every day I would just keep telling myself to write a post, but I wasted my time telling myself to write a post, and I never actually did it. But a couple of minutes ago, I finished watching a documentary on Honey Badgers, and it inspired me. Inspired me to write a new post. You know what, as vicious as they are, honey badgers can help.

But now that I’m back, and NaBloPoMo is over, I have to go over the ground rules here. First, no laughing, smiling, staring for too long, rolling your eyes, blaming a toot on someone else, or breathing. Second, I’m not getting paid to write on this blog, so don’t expect me to write every day. Maybe once every other day. But, just to let you know, since, sadly, I’m not getting paid to blog, I don’t do it as often. You know if I was getting paid to blog, I would do it every day. I would eliminate everything else in my schedule, and blog every second. There would be a new post out at least once every ten minutes. And the world would be happy, and with birds flapping with cheer, and humans loving everything about themselves and everything about everything. But, WordPress doesn’t pay me, and I don’t want to actually work while blogging, because I love writing effortlessly, so it won’t happen.

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It was the longest time I ever spent away from my blog. Every day, I would start to write a post, then slam my head on the keyboard, and then I would tell myself I would do it the next. The next day came, and I repeated the cycle. Until 4 days have passed, then I finally posted again. Well, it was a break for you and me. You, from reading, and me, from writing. Though we both do it on our own will. Everyone here is lucky I don’t just walk away, and say in an annoyed voice, “I do too much, I’m too good of a person to live with these…hooligans.” I’m not sure if you’d enjoy me leaving the website alone or not, and I really don’t care, but the big buzz is, I’m back in business.

While I was watching the honey badger documentary, I realized that my precious time was being wasted. So I got up off of the couch, the oh so wonderful couch, and sat down in a wooden chair. From leather to hard wood. Then I started typing, and realized how fast I can move my fingers. But finger movement isn’t the point. Well, it was the point for the last couple of sentences, and this one. There are many points. But the main point is that I will be posting regularly here again. I’m sure you all care very much, because all (not all, some) of you are caring, loving, and actually care about something else than themselves. Which is hard, thinking about another person, when you could be thinking about yourself. Thinking about yourself is just as kind of thinking about others, isn’t it. You are a person. Sometimes, it is just you that matters. Which means that right now is about me. the main point is, I’m back in business! Fine, back in business, baby. Ugh. Are you happy now?

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