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You know, after all the major holidays end (Christmas, New Years), I guess I just want the season to end. I don’t know; I just feel weird being trapped inside the house, hiding away from the cold. After all of the time I’ve spent indoors, now I feel like I spent enough time on the couch to have been able to name every small piece of fabric that made it up. And to make it even worse, whenever I watch Disney channel, I see all of those inspirational commercials about people who accomplished their dreams by working hard, which normally is fine, but then I look at myself, and feel bad. The same going with weekends, now. Because having 48 hours to lay around and feel bad is about the most depressing thing, well, ever. This whole thing is just myself thinking too much, and I am sure of that. But, to be honest, I don’t know what I really am thinking about. Or what I am feeling, really. But I know, that whatever I am feeling right now, it isn’t good.

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The whole thing makes me just want to flop in my bed, and forget about, well, everything. And I know that will make me think of the Disney thing, but now, I really don’t care. Right now, typing is at least the last thing I want to do, and I have been saying that about everything. If you translate that, it reads, “You’re welcome.” For typing this post, that is. Of course I don’t feel this at any other time of the year, even though I am being as active, and involved with other things as I usually am, but when I don’t have the opportunity, I guess that is what really gets me. And, yes, I am aware how depressing this sounds, and I know that I am over exaggerating at an extreme level right here, but I guess it would sound stupid if I wrote about my real feelings, which are much less extreme. So, I guess that was all I really wanted to say. But, I really don’t feel good under the weather, and all of the other depressing Winter stuff. Though, I really don’t know if I am happy, or sad, or just in the middle. I don’t even feel well enough to lift my arms up high enough to touch the keyboard keysssssss. You know what, it’s complicated.