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Exactly a week ago, I published a post explaining all of my New Year’s resolutions, ones of which I doubted would stick with me. If you have read it, I’m sure you could tell I didn’t out much thought and consideration in to my resolutions, because I tried to make them as easy a possible, so it would be a plausible thought that I could complete a fair amount of my resolutions. But, even though I tried to make it easy, throughout the past week, I have been working hard, though now I believe I have got no progress. Here are my results:

  • Make a list of New Year’s resolutions – Well, I have already done that. Moving on!
  • Bribe my way in to making people appreciate my evil witch cackle more – I don’t understand it. I put my heart and soul in to making the perfect witch cackle, but still, no-one likes it! Everyone hates it, but me. I understand a fine work of art when I hear one.

Try to start blogging more often- Throughout the week, I have been blogging as much as possible. Sometimes, that can be a bad thing, but for the most part, I think that resolution is coming along pretty smoothly.

So far, I think I am doing a pretty ‘decent*’ job. At least I can be ‘proud’ for the remaining time I have left ‘writing’ this paragraph. But, I guess every golden moment can’t last forever, *sigh*.

*Decent is a word to subtly let someone know that it is good, when it isn’t very good while letting them know that it, whatever it is, is good.

  • Learn the ancient art of gluing macaroni together – I got nowhere with this, that’s a total sad face!
  • Work on my Severus Snape impression to perpetually annoy my brother – This, this is my pride, my joy, my life, my oxygen. Yes, I have improved. I have annoyed my brother farther than the average Joe, though an average Joe, you know, would just be, average.
  • Quit my job as an oracle – I may or may not have ‘had’ a job as an oracle, but either way, I no longer do.
  • Find a picture of Britney Spears online – At this point I was just being ridiculous, but if you read my post, yes, there was a picture of Britney spears. Mission accomplished.

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  • Do something nice to someone – Oh my gosh, I just realized that I didn’t think about this at all during the week. I’m so ashamed, but at least it is nice that I feel ashamed about not doing anything nice. Aww!
  • Learn how to do the magic trick where you make your thumb disappear – With this, I have successfully succeeded. Horay!

Well, I guess you could say I did ‘decent.’ My progress wasn’t too bad. At least I did better with my Snape impression. That was about the only thing I cared about on this list. But, the point of the holiday isn’t to fail horribly with resolutions.  New Year’s is a day to commemorate the coming of the New year. Also to commemorate the failure the next year might bring us. But, who knows, in the end, I might have all of my resolutions finished. It is only the first week. In the end, maybe everything will turn out just all right.