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In this scary universe, there are fates far worse than death. Every second of every day, there might be an evil presence lurking in just the corner of your eye. You are about to enter a dimension, a dimension in which has no outlet*. It’s a one-way road where you’re going. Here is a state of mind, sound, and vision. You are moving in to a land of both shadow and substance, and new ideas are coming that you just crossed over. You’ve just crossed over into the Twilight Zo- um, I mean The Scary Place.

11:39 PM- OK, I couldn’t fall asleep, so I went downstairs to get some tea. I grabbed my ‘Life is Good’ mug, and sat down. I took a long sip, but I heard a sound come up from the shelf. Of course, it frightened me, yet I went to investigate. I couldn’t see anything, or hear anything, so I shuffled around some of the books that were lined up. It was getting annoying, until I finally moved a steel rooster out-of-the-way. And there stood my old foe, the Quaker Oats Jar.

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I drew a pretty scary picture, I recommend you don’t look in to the eyes

I swear the eyes turned red, and a flash of lightning flashed through the middle of it right when I made contact. Maybe I should recap, just for your sake. About a year ago, my dad bought a Quaker oats jar that had the guy’s face on it, and a cookie recipe on the back. Ever since then, it had inhabited the nightmares of sleeping children

11:41- Ever since I wrote my last entry, I have cowered over in the corner. I feel the jar is telling me to do something, to go somewhere.

11:45- Oh my gosh, I can hear it now! The jar is telling me to go in to the light! No, wait. It isn’t talking, but its silent look now gives me an even stronger reason to fear it.

11:48-What is happening right now? For a moment, I just stared in to its eyes, and got hooked in to some sort of trance. No, this is stupid. I’m scared about a jar. I bet that if I look straight at it again, I will just feel stupid and won’t bother with it again. Look, I’ll go do it right now.

11:51- Yes, master. I will go bury the bodies of the victims in my backyard. Yes, master. I can unleash the spirits of the realm of darkness fo- What just happened?

11:52- Ok, this is getting scary. Hey, why don’t i just do when I was scared of pillow monsters when I was four? Shut my eyes, repeat “I am too young to die,” and shake in fear.

11:54- There are some things 4-year-old logic can’t even cover. I AM FREAKING OUT RIGHT NOW! When I had shut my eyes, I opened them a minute later for the fear that it would come up close to me. The jar wasn’t where it usually was, and now I still don’t know where it is…

11:55– AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH! Right when I sat down, a shrill sound came from behind me! Maybe the spirit of the Quaker oats man wants something.

11:56- Oops, my bad! The shrill sound was the tea kettle! Remember, I went downstairs for tea.

11:59- I am trembling with fear right now, for in a minute it will be midnight. Then, the jar might call upon the mighty forces lying in the spirit realm… AAAAAAHHHHH!

12:00- I did it! When it just struck midnight, I heard a loud shatter of glass, and found the jar threw my fruit bowl across the floor. I needed a way to end this, so I ran up to it, grabbed it, and of course I had to say a courageous line before destroying it once and for all, so I said, “Hasta la vista, baby,” and smashed it on the ground. I only hope that it w- wait…

12:01- Ok, it’s not dead! It’s not dead! Right after I displayed my feeling of heroic-ness, I sat down at my chair to finally drink my tea. I took a long sip, but right then, the lights in the room were shut off. ‘No problem,’ I thought to myself. ‘I’ll just turn them on again.’ I stood up, but I couldn’t move my legs. I tried with all my might (which isn’t saying much) to get away, but the chair somehow attached itself to me. I sat down, trying not to panic, which wasn’t working, by the way. But then, the chair moved itself backwards, then speedily charged towards the table. I struggled, and struggled, but I couldn’t move. At the middle of the table, our dill-pickled scented Yankee candle set ablaze, but the flame was huge. I started panicking, and tried hard to get out of my seat. But the harder I struggled, it felt the more it constricted me. Right in the middle of the flame, the face of the Quaker oats man came up, looker more devilish than ever.

“On the night of the fourth, on a day of May, upon my return shall come people who wish for you to forever burn. On the blink of my eye, on the call from the spirits, shall the fate of humans rest upon the single wink.”

*I kind of took the beginning from a TV show called The Twilight Zone