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The snow is falling right now, and I’m just wondering about what I’ll see in the morning. Will there be a whole lot of snow, or will there just be a couple of depressing splotches of it scattered around the place. My thoughts about this had struck something in my mind, making me remember something involving a snowman a year back. To commemorate the snow day, I’d like to share that story with you. Enjoy!

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It was January something, and it was a snow day. School was closed, and the snow rested peacefully and beautifully on the horizon. Gazing upon such a wonderful sight just made you emit the most broad smile. My brother and I were playing around in the park. We had brought our sleds, and a snowman building kit as well. It was terrible packing snow, so we really couldn’t have a snowball fight, but that didn’t matter. As long as we were there, during that little winter snowstorm, we didn’t care.

After we played with our sleds for a little bit, we decided to put our snowman kit to use and actually build one. It wasn’t easy, for it was most definitely not packing snow. So we started rolling powder around, at least trying to make the base of a snowman. For a couple of moments, we rolled our little snowball around, hoping it will turn out in to something much different from what it was at the moment. We heaved, and we hoed, and our little snowman slightly grew and grew, until we finally believed it was big enough. Both of us wanted to snag the head part, because at that time we could both do one part, and the head was the easiest. Thought I started rolling, despite what he said. I tried to shape it to look the slightest bit like a head, and not some deformed meatball, but in the end, it didn’t turn out well. It’s not like the body my brother made was much better, but at least no-one could say theirs are better.

I lifted the body on the booty, and the head followed. Both of us hopped over to where we kept the bag with all the snowman stuff.  I frantically searched the container, with a flood of relief following once I had finally found the carrot and pipe. I ran back over to our little snowman, and stuck the carrot right in the middle, but since there was no support in the back, the head started tilting back, and it fell off. The movement must have affected the main body, because that one also started rolling, and sooner or later, it joined the head on the ground. I grunted, then got to work.

After another 20 minutes of back-breaking labor (back-breaking labor), we finally considered our snowman finished. It stood proudly at the top of our favorite sledding hill, overlooking all the other small, and bad snowmen. It gave off a triumphant glow, with all the pe- “Ugh, what is that smell?” I called out. A horrific stench came from nowhere. “Marshall, do you smell it?” My brother chimed, “Sadly.” I searched around our snowman, and looked down under my boots. There was nothing there! Where on Earth was that horrible stench coming from? It truly was unbearable. I crouched down low, and moved to the back of our snowman. I searched around the back, but then I started to get up, and right in front of me, a huge blotch of squished dog poop was spread around the back portion of our snowman! “Aaaaahhhh!”

My brother came by to see what was the matter, and he saw what I was seeing. Dog poop. We were both incredibly disappointed. What we thought was the perfect snowman was now anything but perfect. I wanted it to look as clean as a king, or a queen. Kings and Queens do not have dog poop spread around their back! To me, Marshall said, “Charlie, would you like to do the honors?” I replied, “Way ahead of you.” I gripped my hands on the back part of the snowman that wasn’t smothered with dog poop, and pushed it down the hill. It collapsed as it rolled down, and was completely obliterated once in rammed right in to a tree. We gathered the snowman supplies, then walked away as if nothing had happened.