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We definitely could’ve used some more snow. I woke up this morning with the towering urge to see how much snow was outside. I lunged out of my bed, and banged my head on the wood that made up the bunk bed. Despite the pain, I still ran, but this time, I ran right in to the wall. This meant nothing to me, for my mind was fixed upon one thing. Still, I ran. Finally, I reached the staircase, and leaped my way down the stairs. I accidentally slipped on the stairs, but this still didn’t bother me. Right then, at that moment, I jumped over to the window, and expected at least a foot of snow. To my disappointment, I saw an inch.

Some snow-pocalypse! I saw on the news that we would be hit by a ‘potentially historical’ snowstorm! And we just get this little flurry! It was annoying enough that it downgraded from a foot to 14 inches to 6 inches. We didn’t even get that! It was definitely a big blow, but yet I made the most of it. So far, it had snowed three times, and, yet again, I had to make the most of it for what it was. Within the course of a second (or something like that), all my snow gear was on, and I was ready to go. I flung open the door, and dived right in to it!

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Trying to avoid the pain, I got up and brushed the snow off of my pants. I had no idea what to do with all of this snow, and for a moment I wanted to go inside. But, instead I decided to make a good ol’ fashioned snowman. Here is a list of things that I have learned while building one.

  1. Try not to use powdery snow for it, because once you put the middle part on the top one, both will collapse.
  2. If you stick the carrot nose too far in to the head, the head will fall apart.
  3. Try to build it away from you dog, because they will bark at it once it is done.
  4. If you make a snowman looking in to the window, like he is peeping in, someone most definitely will have a heart attack.

So, I guess if you read between the lines, you could tell that my snowman turned out disastrous. Do I need to explain? Because now, at this very moment, I don’t have a snowman, because the one that I tried to make ended up getting destroyed. The next time you make a snowman, I suggest you construct it very carefully. I ended up just going inside for a little bit, but I was rudely interrupted by an invite to my friend Jacob’s house. Because of that, I went, and brought two sleds. Once we arrived, I saw him standing at the doorway with an evil smirk across his face. His left hand was behind his back, and once I saw him, I knew.

He attacked, and threw a snowball at me. I retaliated by bombarding him with another. Because of that, the two of us leaped right in to a snowball fight. My uncoordinated throws made him laugh, but his made me laugh even harder. I set up a base inside his front yard, and he made one in the back. A couple of minutes of making snowball went by, until I finally saw him creep over the side of the house. He threw one at me but for an odd reason, sand came out of it. “Did you put sand in this?” I asked. He replied, “Yup.” And that, that was the origin of the sand-ball. Here are the instructions to make one of your very own.

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Please, throw a sand-ball at someone, for me. But if you are going to, and they get annoyed at you for throwing one, don’t tell them I said that.

Afterwards, we went to the High school next to his house to go sledding on the hills there, and even though I begged him not to, he brought his little ramp. The hill was already long and steep enough- We didn’t need a ramp! Once we arrived, he gave me the ‘honor’ of taking it to the ramp first. I kindly declined, but he insisted I do it. I’m sorry, I just didn’t want to hurdling towards a large wooden object at an outdoor speed! Once I reached the top of the hill, I sat down on my sled, and slightly loosened my grip with the ground below me. And, then I went! Faster and faster I sled, and the ramp was right there. ‘Hi’ I thought to myself. But then, I just realized I would go flying! What was to be afraid of? My nervousness was washed away, and then I finally hit the ramp. I shut my eyes, but when I opened them I saw I was just pushing the ramp down the rest of the hill. When I thought I had enough of that, I got up, and continued to sled without it.

When the sun started to set, we decided to do the final thing of the day. Make a snowman. I tried to Jacob to believe that it won’t work because all of it was powdery snow. But, not all of it was, so we began. We rolled up all 3 pieces of it, and put the head on top. I really did expect it to collapse like my last one did. But, I had to wait and see. Since we didn’t have any coal to use, we used a permanent marker to make the eyes, and an average carrot to make for the nose. Again, there was no coal available, so we aligned 3 carrots to look like a mouth. Jacob had a hat there that was for making a snowman, so he grabbed that, and I put it on. Even though there were many patches of dirt that we picked up while rolling around it, and that it was basically the color brown, at that moment, our snowman was perfect. And that was all I needed.