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To me, the super bowl is a big blur of loud screams, irritating chants, wing stains, and pretending to understand what is going on. I don’t understand football, and because of that, the super bowl to me is a big serving (or bowl, if you will) of confusion. I try to avoid thinking about the madness going on that night too much, but it’s hard to while a flood of screams let loose whenever a team scores. From the previous years I’ve experienced it, I cam remember hearing a loud “Nooooo!” coming from my entire family, and I asked them what on earth happened, for I did not know. Now, I’m trying to preserve the time I have until the games star- Oh wait, it started. I do have a downer-ish look on the whole affair, but maybe I really am just looking at the bad things. It really is just another football game, and even though I don’t care for football, I’ll try to appreciate it this year. To everyone out there that also doesn’t care about the football game, I only ask of you to do the same as I, and try to enjoy yourself this year. This time, to everyone, I hope you enjoy yourself! I know I will!