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Every Valentines card that you are able to give out nowadays are always too sappy. “Bee mine.” Ech. “I love you!” Disgusting. With these, we have no way to express what we really feel about the people who are receiving the cards. So, in favor of that, I made 5 of my own Valentines day cards that show true self-expression, and I promise you that NONE of them will include a single heart on the paper…..well except for one, or two. Actually 3. I hope you enjoy!

1.) Eh

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When you don’t really feel anything about that person at all, and don’t want them to get the wrong picture about what you are feeling, show them that you don’t give big deal about the person they really are. Just give them an “Eh.”

2.) I don’t know

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When you are confused, or just don’t know, this is the perfect card for you! You are right, Valentines day really is confusing. So, why don’t you give this card to someone you know?

3.) Consider me OUT!

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You really will be giving out the right idea if you give this one to your lovebird. Would you really risk being shot by an arrow for love? That is your choice to make…

4.) Love is the…

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You don’t need even the biggest of words to just say “I love you.”

5.) Ouch

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You really need to get to the basics with love. It will strike your heart like an arrow. In this case, love hurts. Literally.

So those were my 5 valentines day cards. You can use them if you’d like, though if you don’t want to I understand, because I also don’t want to use them. Though I will. Relating to all of this, I tried my best to relate them with the point of Valentines day, and also get them off topic in a silly way. They still are odd, but you have to say they are a little more truthful when it comes to cards that say, “Orange you sweet!” But in the end, you don’t need anything fancy, or special to show you have feelings for someone. Just the three, simple words are all you need to make your day perfect. Even if mine are ridiculous, and show no meaning, inside they really do. No matter how ridiculous they are, their true meaning will shine past the absurdity. That is love. And love, that is all that counts.