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I really am not sure what to say right here. For a while, I have been having a whole lot of trouble writing the same way as I used to. With all of the other posts, and how everyone else is keeping up with their blog, I just feel pressured to. Though every night, I try to sit in front of my computer, and type away. But, for a little while, thoughts and ideas have not been coming very easily for me. I usually have to start late at night because the events of the day push back most of my free time, so when I do get to I usually have to finish the next day, or sometimes I just forget about it.

The reason I blog is for my passion for writing, and it was something that I could easily enjoy at first. But when I can’t think, and my mind is just a blank slate, I just get incredibly frustrated, then I start forcing myself to think of something. I’m definitely not a night person, so that does not bode well with the schedule I have. And that leaded up to me writing right here, about how I feel when this happens.

When I do get an idea, I type away as fast as I can. I try to preserve the moment when I do. But when I don’t have one, I just feel pressured to come up with one. Because once I had a different blog called The Next Generation Of AWESOME!!!, which sadly came to an end when I couldn’t come up with any ideas. But now that I have a new one, with a hundred and counting posts, I’m afraid it will end up like my old one, which is now inactive.

Paragraphs I’ve written on lost topics that were never published are still there, but I’ve never continued them, because I want to come up with a new, and fresh idea. But it has been becoming harder and harder for me to come up with these, and quite often I’m asking others about what I should blog about. But neither do they know what I should, and that irritates me sometimes, because I came up with 116 ideas and they haven’t come up with one. I know that is kind of rude to think of, but it makes me think of what people will think when I don’t publish something, in which I know no-one judges you upon.

I really want to keep up doing what I’m doing, but by what’s happening, I’m afraid that I won’t be able to anymore. Though I am trying my best to look beyond that, because I have gone far this time. Now I have 116 blog posts, and I want to keep adding to that number, So of course, I will try hard to keep it up, and maybe in the end, it will work out just alright.

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