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Well, Valentine’s day is finally upon us. A day of love, hearts, and chocolate. Doves (the most romantic type of bird) fly around the sky, bringing cheer to the air as others flirt with their lovebirds. There isn’t anything better than it. But, my friend Jacob and I concocted a story which tells the opposite of the day before us. So, I proudly (kind of) present to you…

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Billy was getting ready for Valentines day at his school, the one holiday he hated the most. He didn’t even like chocolate.  Neither did he understand why he has a Valentines day party on Friday the 13th.  But this did not bode well with his close sister, who loved Valentines day. She loved the festive scents of the season, but she could not stand chocolate AT ALL. So Valentines day for the two was both horrendous and delightful.

 When the calendar stated that the day had come, Billy let out a groan, and Sarah let out a cheer. Even though Billy thought badly of this holiday, he still had to stick with it for the school day, at the least. They both started walking down the street to their school, and he hated every second of  it. When they finally got there, everyone was drawing hearts on oversized red paper, and exchanged cards gleefully. The classroom was littered with love, which Billy hated the most. His head laid on his desk, and every second he let out an irritable groan. Right when he was in the middle of his third groan, a woman in a thick, dark trench coat flung open the door, and screamed louder than a hyena, “WHO WANTS CHOCOLATES?!” While every kid in the room screamed to answer the question, Billy wondered who this person really was. The dark coat gave off the idea that she was concealing her real identity- wait, was she a woman? Every child ran up to the dark figure, and speedily consumed the chocolate. Even the teacher rushed to have a little taste! Billy walked up to her (if it is a her), and questioned who it was. “Who are you?” Billy asked. “I’m quite offended you don’t know me! I’m Emma’s mom!” The (now confirmed) woman replied. “Uh…But there is no Emma in our class…” Billy now was on to her. Billy started to ask her yet another question, but the woman cut her off as she moved away to pass out the chocolate. To every child she delivered to mouth-watering candy, while Billy stayed angry with her. He made menacing tiger sounds with his mouth. GRR!

 When the woman reached Sarah and Billy’s desks, they ‘politely’ said no to her question if they wanted chocolate. “No, my sister’s lactose intolerant.” The woman seemed to not care about Sarah’s condition. “Let me just tell you, my son is lactose intolerant, and he ate chocolate and he was A-OK! So why don’t you just eat a piece?” Billy started to get irritated with the woman, and Sarah started to feel worse and worse, with this woman urging her to have the one thing she can’t. “No, we are not having any!” The woman let out a chuckle. “Oh, come on, you little party poopers!” She pinched Billy’s cheek once she said that. “Just a little bit of chocolate; you’ll be fine!” Sarah came in on that, and asked, “Why do you want us to eat chocolate so much?” Billy added, “Yeah, really. Why?” The woman looked down at the two, and cheerily replied, “Because it’s Valentines day! Get in to the spirit! Now, do me a favor AND JUST EAT THE CHOCOLATE!” She leaned in on them, and placed the candy on their hands. Both of them refused to eat it, and the woman opened her mouth to speak once more, but before she could a scream came from the other side of the room. All of the children’s’ heads violently took a turn to see what the matter was, and looked at a girl on the other side of the room. Her usually dark, and flowing hair seemed to be growing shorter, and became blond. Once her hairstyle looked exactly like Tintin, her expensive jeans grew whiter and whiter, and began to shrink. Her natural appearance began to shrink, until she was about the size of a baby. A thin, wooden plank connected by a string was hung around her body, and her Valentines day shirt disappeared in to nothing, and on the back of her shoulder blades appeared to, perfectly white wings. You couldn’t tell she was a lady anymore! Everyone in the room gasped when they finally noticed…


Everyone screamed and yelled, while the little baby flew across the room. The dainty baby hand dipped in to the small, little basket hung to its side, and pulled out an arrow, in which the tip was a perfectly shaped heart. It pulled out the bow that hung around it, and pushed the arrow in between it, and shot the arrow over at Billy. Once he saw the arrow was flying in his own direction, he quickly dodged it. While all of the eyes stared at the flying baby, another loud scream came out from a child. They had also turned in to a cupid! All around them, the children started changing from their normal selves in to flying babies! Billy and Sarah’s eyes violently moved around to room, watching all of the children turn in to Cupids. Both of them expected to turn in to a Cupid themselves, but they did not. Once all of the children turned in to Cupids, Sarah broke the silence by questioning the woman. “You did this, didn’t you? That’s why you wanted us to eat the chocolate! That’s why we…” Billy continued, “..didn’t turn in to Cupids!” Sarah turned over to her brother, and elbowed him, because he stole her line. Obviously, he ignored her, and focused on the lady. “Well, you got that right, children!” At that, the woman started to unbutton her trench coat, and flung it off. Both Billy and Sarah then gasped, when they saw she was a Cupid too! To be exact, a particularly large one. The woman also flung off her dark hat, and then started to speak. “My name is Dipuc, lord of the…” “Wait,” Billy said. “Is that like, Cupid spelled backwards, or something?” Dipuc replied, “Yes. BUT NO MORE QUESTIONS! I am Dipuc, lord of the Cupids. All of the arrows that they have will rapidly spread the Cupid-ness to other people, and before you know it, the whole human race will all be Cupids! But before that, we’ll start with you two…” Both billy and Sarah took two big steps back, while Dipuc followed. “CUPIDS, ATTACK!!!!!!!!!!”

All of the babies started closing in on the kids, and Dipuc did the same. Soon the Cupids completely surrounded them, and a few started to put the arrows on the line, ready to shoot. But just before they were about to meet their baby-ish fate, Sarah felt a tight grip on her hand, and soon felt that Billy was pulling her across the room. Through the Cupids they ran, with a few following on their tail. They burst through the door, and ran to the main office of the school. Sarah then yelled right in to the microphone, “RUN EVERYONE, OR ELSE YOU WILL ALL BE TURNED IN TO CUPIDS!!!!!” Right when she finished her sentence, loud peals of laughter burst from the halls. Billy bet that you could’ve heard it from miles away. But then he took the microphone from her, and yelled, “THIS IS NOT A JOKE! ALL OF OUR CLASS WAS TURNED IN TO CUPIDS!!!! AND THEY HAVE A LEADER, DIPUC!!!!!!!!” Even louder peals of laughter came from all of the children. Sarah groaned, but Billy still tried to get their attention. “JUST RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Before the secretary could question what they were doing, both of them were out of the school. To home they ran, going faster and faster every time they thought of what was going on at the school. At the stop sign at the corner, both of them stopped to catch their breath, but then a man came up behind them. He was very tall and thin, and had a bright red bow tie in the middle of his grey suit. “Good morning, my dear children!” He called to them. Both gave him a hello, and Sarah chatted with him for a moment. The words that spilled out of both the man’s and Sarah’s voice just sounded like random sounds to him at the moment, because Billy was focusing on something else. Billy went to the other side of him, and saw that 3 arrows with hearts on the tips were stuck in his leg. He let out a gasp, and quickly ran back to Sarah. Quietly, he whispered to Sarah what he had seen, and that he will turn in to a Cupid. Sarah gasped as well, and both backed away from the man. “Well, it was nice chatting but we have to go now…” “Don’t leave so soon! You haven’t even heard my name yet, but first, I had to tell you, little girl. Your shoe is untied.” Sarah bent down to see her shoe, but while she was there the man pulled out an arrow from behind him. A large bow appeared out of thin air, but then Billy quickly saw what was going on. He was aiming at Sarah! “Sarah, look out!” He yelled at her. But before she got the message, a heart pointed arrow hit the bottom of her leg.

Sarah slowly turned into a cupid while Billy ran away. He dared himself not to look back, and he started to cry he tried to hold it back,but he couldn’t. He ran his heart out. Billy started running again but this time he found Dipuc and an army of cupids. He noticed suddenly that one of them was his sister. He got so much anger built up within him that he wanted to charge and hope that he would get everything back to normal.So he did. he didn’t want to hurt any of them because he knew that they were normal people just mind-controlled cupids.So he just jumped on their heads like in Mario. Then once he got to Dipuc he got into a fight! Dipuc threw a punch but Dipuc missed. Billy  gave Dipuc a push and he fell into the ocean of cupids. But wait, he isn’t dead! (giant surprise). He reached into his diaper and pulled out a crystal and screamed “CUPIDS ATTACK!” Billy grabbed the crystal and dodged a few arrows but two of them hit his leg! Billy with the last strength he had left, he grabbed the crystal, but before he could make action he felt the love coursing through his veins. Dipuc looked down on him, and let out a maniacal laugh. “Ha Ha Ha!” said he, in a powerful voice. “You thought you could defeat me, but you had too much over your head, and now you are the last person on Earth to turn in to a Cupid! There is no-one to save you now!” Sure enough, great white wings popped out of his back, and a diaper started to form over his pants. Poor Billy dropped to his legs, and started to panic. Slowly, his hair was turning blond, and the world he was knew was fading away. Through the middle of the last breath he would take as a normal boy, he gripped the purple crystal in his hand, and faced towards the ground. With every last bit of strength lodged inside of him, he dropped it upon the ground, and watched the Cupid controller smash in to millions of tiny pieces. In front of him, Dipuc screamed as he slowly started to deflate, like he was a balloon and someone had stuck a needle inside of him. Billy watched his deflate as he laid on the ground, and got up once he saw that he was no more than a thin blob of nothing. Once Dipuc was fully gone, all around him the Cupids started to deflate. “NOOOO!!!!!!” He screamed. Even though they had tried to kill him, they did it against their will, and they were once regular people. The were all gone. Puddles of skin on the ground. He tried to hold back the tears, but since he had just wiped out the entire human race, there was no point keeping it in. Before he went in to total meltdown mode, he saw that the blobs were slowly going back to normal, like someone put a pump in to them and started filling them with air. All of the people were now breathing, standing, and just being there!!!!! Through the corner of his eye, he saw a girl run towards him, but then realized that it was Sarah! “SARAH!!!” He yelled. “Oh, I’m so glad I didn’t kill you. And wipe out the human race!” They both hugged, but there was one thing on Sarah’s mind. “What do you mean, you almost killed me?” Billy speedily replied, “Nothing!” He looked at Sarah, hoping she would buy his story. But all that came from her was a continuous ‘hmmmm.’ After a moment of ‘hmmmming,’ Sarah finally just gave him an “ok,” and started to walk back home. “By the way, Billy, what happened today? I can’t remember a thing!” In reply, he laughed a little bit, and said, “Trust me: You don’t want to know!” The two then started to walk back home, and Billy tried to forget that ever happened. He just marked it as another reason to hate Valentine’s day. Turns out that his was the worst valentines day ever.

Written by Jacob Whitman and Me (Charlie Colan)