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Normally, I don’t do crafts here on my blog, but it started on a normal Tuesday… I was randomly internet surfing, with nothing on my mind. But then, when I completely lost myself after searching up “oatmeal,” I found an article on the news section called, “22 best crafts to do with an empty oatmeal carton.” I opened it up, and just browsed through. It caught my eye when I saw that there was a tree stump craft there, and I opened it up. It looked absolutely amazing, so I was inspired to make my own. And, I hope when you see it, you will be inspired to make one of your own as well. After a couple of hours of painting, I think my tree stumps are finally finished.  By the way, the craft was made on the website Punk Projects (http://www.punkprojects.com/). Enjoy!!!!!

What you’ll need: Multiple cardboard tubes, tape, newspaper, flour, water, acrylic paints, paintbrushes, and most importantly, and empty oatmeal carton.