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  What a weird world we live in. To make that weirdness even weirder, today I’ve noticed that each and every one of the seven billion two hundred ninety-five million nine hundred twenty-six thousand seven hundred fifty-six people living on the earth have a small connection in some way. I know that because today, I had a weird experience like that. You know, it started off as a normal afternoon…

  I was just sitting at my computer, with nothing on my mind, and no plans at all. I was planning on working on a little craft I had planned, but instead I just let my butt loose on the chair, and sit in front of the computer. That happens a whole lot. With nothing really that I wanted to do, or wanted to see, I just searched up “stuff” on Google. But nothing really came up. And relating to the feelings I was feeling (A.K.A, nothing), I wanted something to make me smile. So, on YouTube, I searched up in the bar “funny.” What was odd at that moment was that I really wasn’t feeling anything. I wasn’t happy nor sad. But, then I just clicked on a video that was about the funniest pranks of 2014. I usually don’t watch stuff like that, but I really didn’t care. Heck, I didn’t even watch the video. All that came out of me was a sigh.

  With nothing to do, I rifled through the comments to see what people had to say. After looking through a couple, one of them caught my eye.


jack taylor

3 months ago

who else was bored and just typed in funny


   THE PSYCHIC!!! He read my mind!!!! How is that possible? I typed in funny, and was bored! What a coincidence! I don’t even know the guy, I just found the comment randomly. What a small chance that I came across that exact thing on the same day I was feeling bored and typed that in! Even though it was about 5 hours ago, I still feel both creeped and weirded out by it. Though it is not like it is a bad thing, it is pretty cool. You know, I was just sitting down at my computer with nothing to look forward to, and it just turns around when I saw that. What a fun little thing that was! It’s cool how my boring time just turned around into something less unbearable. But now you see how this relates to the beginning of the post, when I talked about odd coincidences with different people. So, yeah, whenever it does happen, everyone thinks of the odds of it, and how mysterious it is. But in the end, who knows.