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Around 12:30 or something yesterday, I remember seeing a little flurry of snow coming down on us. About an hour later, I can recall seeing an entire blizzard falling down on the ground. What really irritated me about this was that a few weeks ago, our area was expected a ‘potentially historic’ snowstorm, and everyone freaked about it, later to find we only got about an inch. This time, we heard that there would be a little bit of snow, and that there was nothing to worry about. But then about 5 hours later, I saw that there was about 5 inches of snow on the ground! Unbelievable! Also, I noticed how a person’s perspective of snow changes as they grow older. For example, a kid would be thinking, ‘Yay, snow! I hope school gets cancelled, and I get to go sledding, and build a snowman!’ But to an adult, they’d probably be thinking, ‘Oh gosh, this will be a whole lot to shovel…’

Around night, I decided to go out in the snow before anyone shoveled, and appreciate the wonders to be seen at a fresh, new snowfall. The wind blew in my face, and then I saw how much snow we had gotten. A whole lot. My boots left deep footprints in the snow, but not enough to touch the grass below. At that, I just let myself fall backwards, and miraculously I landed on what felt like a huge pillow. Above me, snow just kept falling down on my face, and a couple of snowflakes fell in my eyes. Then, my mind just completely just faded away. Just being there, at that exact moment, gave you the kind of feeling that you don’t get from anything else. I was about to close my eyes, then float to another world, once my brother came out of nowhere and jumped on me. “Hi Charlie! Lets build a…a.. a snowman, then a hill out of the staircase to the porch with snow, then build an awesome snow fort!!!” Come on, Marshall! I mean, right there I was just enjoying myself, exploring the wonders of the universe, until he came out. Though I knew there was no stopping him. “Sure,” I replied, with a breathy sigh following afterwards, one of which he didn’t seem to notice. Immediately afterwards, he ran right over to the stone staircase we have to get up to our raised porch. The steps were already covered with snow, so we just had to smooth it out to be like a hill to make it work. Within the blink of an eye, he had gotten it done.

There was no second thought about him going first, so I just had to wait. Though, being that I am who I am, I was incredibly nervous about my brother going headfirst on a plastic sled down a stone staircase. Which was odd, because he wasn’t. Him going down seemed kind of like a fast blur to me, though he did it. Right here where I am right now, I’m thankful that he didn’t die…

Afterwards, my dad came out and asked us to shovel the driveway. Immediately, I handed the shovel back to him, though he wouldn’t take it. No matter how much I grumped or frumped, there was nothing I really could do. So the both of us grasped our shovels, and piled the chunks of snow we took from the ground on one big pile that we were creating. 20 minutes passed very slowly, but then I let out a sigh of relief once I saw that we were finally done. The shovel that had just a couple of seconds ago were held tightly by my hands fell to the ground once I had released it. As I turned away towards the yard, I then saw that we had made a snow mountain, about the size of me, with the extra snow from the driveway.

My brother and I fought to get to the top of the mountain, but with a playful push (wink wink), I got there first. It was like when Jack held Rose up to the edge of the boat in Titanic, except much less meaningful. But then, my feet began sinking in to the snow below me, and it felt like I was in quicksand, except much faster. The snow was at least up to my waist until I really started to freak out. Though I did know that I wouldn’t die or anything, because…wait. Either way, I was sinking in to the snow, and there was actually a point where it was up to my shoulders. Then I started to worry. I frantically kicked and kicked at the wall, but it only made me descend lower in to the snow, until I kind of made a makeshift ladder, and used my feet to climb out, though I was practically clinging to the side of the snow pile, and only half of my body was out. At that, I braced myself, then lunged at the wall that was bordering me, and I fell over the side of the pile with the wall on to the driveway. Because of the intensity (or something like that) my eyes were just completely fixed on the snow mountain, and I was hyperventilating. After a moment or so, my brother ultimately decided just to go inside and pretend that didn’t happen, but we both did know that there was a WHOLE other weekend day to go through.