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McDonald’s is notorious for its unhealthy food. Who knows what’s in there? Well, normally whenever I’m in a conversation with someone about McDonald’s, they’d bring up something about what it’s made out of. For a moment, I’d be like, “Ew, that’s disgusting!” Then I’d realize yesterday I enjoyed a 10 nugget pack. With a shamrock shake, of course, because I am a human being, after all. All the time, I see myself caught in the conversation about McDonald’s with a person who claims they don’t eat McDonald’s. And that always leads to the dreaded question, “Do you eat McDonald’s?” I constantly find myself saying, “Of course I don’t…” as my eyes shiftily move from one side of the room to another. But, tonight I had a Happy Meal, and after that all I can say is that I’m not happy. More like a sad meal, or a not happy meal.

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I mean, I love McDonald’s. Every second that I’m not asleep I’m thinking about the fries. But, as I said before, I don’t think I’m having it again after what it made me feel like. Ok, so my brother and I got McDonald’s, and I feel like the moment I was having it should have been a while ago. Whenever I have McDonald’s, I feel like I have waited too long for it. Even if the difference in days between the time I had McDonald’s was 3 days, I feel like I should have had it a long time before. Anyways, I quickly devoured my chicken nuggets, and then as a heavenly light shines upon it, my focus changes towards my fries. The fries seem like the main course of the meal. 498 calories of heaven.

As I reach out for my fries, I already start to feel filled up from the nuggets. Though when you’re eating McDonald’s, you don’t notice. Writing a post like this makes me afraid some person will comment saying, “Do you know what’s in those nuggets?” I always think that’s disgusting at the moment, but then later find myself chowing them down! But, as I ate the fries, I just kind of zoned out. Whenever you’re eating those fries, you always feel like time starts speeding ahead until the heartbreaking moment when the fries are gone. “Where did they go?” I asked the world. “Where are my fries?” Frantically, I flipped opened the packet that contained the fries, and saw that there were none left. But I was so violently incensed by the fact that no fries were in sight,  so I held the packet above my head and tried to shake the crumbs in to my mouth. Only a couple of grains of salt came out, and a little crumb. Just as hope slipped away, I realized that I still might have the bonus fry to look forward to in the bag.

At that, my hand violently moved around in the bag, but to my surprise, I felt a greasy potato stick between my fingers. I could feel my stomach yelling at me that it couldn’t take any more of the fattening death bringers, though my mind took control and wolfed it down in a single gulp. Then, I went on to my shamrock shake, and (I’m blocking out the details only for your sake)… After that, I walked to the living room, and every step I took I swear caused an earthquake in China. Sitting on my couch, I then started to feel a little bad from the happy meal I ate. I could feel my stomach yelling, “I WARNED YOU!” Now, for about 2 hours I sat there feeling awfully bad, and a little nauseous, but I swore I wouldn’t eat a happy meal again. But at this moment, I am still agreeing with myself, though it is hard not to get lost in an image of the fries. Why does this have to be so hard to do? If only it didn’t taste as good as it is, or else I wouldn’t be having this problem. Ronald McDonald will step on Burger King anyday, which is sort of ironic, because clowns don’t usually have more power than a king does. Well, the king of burgers anyways. But, I’m starting to crave McDonald’s more and more every time I think about it. Who knows, whether or whether or not I’ll eat McDonald’s is the future’s problem…

Man, I’m craving the fries right now.