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Flowers, are kind of just flowers. They’re no Disneyworld. Just flowers. It’s very hard to get excited about flowers, because they look pretty, smell good, then you’re done. Just smelly green sticks. But, in this case, it is something to get excited about. Some of you may know what I’m talking about. I’ll give you a hint, it exists right in the city of brotherly love. Do you know? Well, it’s the Philadelphia flower show, of course!

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To start off our magical day of magical-ness, we’ll fast forward to the grand moment we entered the exhibit. Each display was inspired by a different Disney movie. Now, I thought this would be just like flowers on the ground really. Just some flowers. Nothing exciting can really happen with flowers, or so I thought. I now know your first time going you may be unenthusiastic about it, but once you go you really do know what happens, and how great it is. You get the gist of it. Now let’s start at the entrance to the show. A large, neon sign gave something to see for my eyes, with a very elegant flower display above it.  Retro-flashing lights were put all over the place under the curved part of it, while very Hollywood-like spotlights made you feel like you really were in the movies. Also, there was an entrancing red carpet, which made me feel kind of like a superstar.How great a job they did with their theme. The words, “Lights! Camera! Action!” went across the screen every once in a while. What a welcoming entrance!

A cute, bubbly fountain with a pretty rose garden was right next to it. I swear, all around there was something to feast your eyes upon. Everything was distracting me from the thing that was distracting me from the thing that was distracting me! If that makes sense! What I really liked was the garden of Eden like feel that radiated from it. It was very pretty. Some of the flowers looked kind of worn down, like their were dying, but I tried my best to look past that. I was at the flower show, after all. Huge flowers hung from the ceilings, and there were several star projections floating around. So many details… Right next to us, there was a vintage camera reel, with strips of film rotating through it. It gave off an old-timey feel, which felt good in that area.

We then walked over to a little woods area. A whole bunch of fir trees made up this little forest area, and large wooden stakes were in the middle of it. A sign read that this was the “Into the Woods” exhibit. Smoke machines gave it an eerie feel, which I didn’t understand. Too bad I couldn’t say whether or not it was accurate, or close to the movie, because I never saw it, though I wanted to. Who cares, maybe I’ll get the DVD. But, I swear, if you took a picture of the little woods, then cropped the ceiling out, it would look like a real forest.

But it wasn’t something you could stare out for hours and be endlessly entertained. It wasn’t as magical as the other ones. So we walked away. Now, this path led us to what happens to be my favorite of the exhibits. Tarzan, of course. At first, no-one noticed that the sign fell over that told us which exhibit it was, so the crowd argued over what it was. “No, its Swiss Family Robinson!” “You !@#@$#, it’s obviously The Jungle Book!” Please excuse their language. But, it really was Tarzan, idiots. It did give out the feeling of being in an actual jungle! There were dozens of wild and exotic plants that covered the ground, and my favorite, PALM TREES!!! I love palm trees, which only goes to show that you always want what you can’t have, because I live in New Jersey, where there are no palm trees! Also, there were a couple of plastic animals. I can’t remember all of them, but the only one that stood out to me was the giraffe. There was also a little lake, with a working waterfall, and there was a cute tree hut, and a few other details. Toucan never just look at that exhibit with a blank, expressionless feeling. Get it? Oh, jungle puns.

Now, I don’t want to go through a long and detailed description of everything that happened at The Flower Show. I was thinking that I could tell you about a couple of the exhibits, then say you have to see the rest for yourself, but it kind of closes in an hour, until next year. But, I also can’t just give a detailed description of every little speck of detail, every exhibit, and every gosh darn step I took. Though I did want to say that the amount of detail they added was ludicrous…-ly amazing! My attention was always getting torn away from one little detail to the next. I can remember being lost in the magical daze of the Mary Poppins, but then being awestruck by the giant television screen that was right next to it. Me talking about a bunch of flowers like this kind of does make me seem like a mad man, but you’d have to be there to really know how great it was. You know, I am kind of crazy to make such a big deal over flowers. And that’s a fact. In the end, I think that the flower show kind of gave us a little preview of the beauty in store for us in Spring, when this awful Winter finally leaves. The millions who visit the show each year go not because they’re gardeners. Because they just want a taste of the magic just a step ahead of us.

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