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Well, today I reminisced about yet ANOTHER time in my childhood. Another one of those awkward stories that I decide to share. But this one is even weirder and more awkward than the others. And a little shorter. But still more awkward. At this point in this series of childhood stories, I’m not sure if it being awkward is a good thing, or just normal. Or very, very wrong. The kind of wrong to lead others to think I was demented as a child. But, no, I guess it being awkward is kind of a normal thing now.

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Alright, so our story begins with a simple car ride to Target. It’s not like we wanted to meet a hitchhiker. In fact, that would probably be the last thing we’d expect on a day like that. All we really wanted was to get a new tube of toothpaste, and a bag of chips. Toothpaste has nothing to do with a hitchhiker on the road. Anyways, let’s start. We pulled out of the driveway, with the whole world in our hands. It was a flawless Autumn morning, the sun was shining brightly upon the tall trees in our town. Our small car passed cheerful passersbys, with happiness being shined upon each and every one of their bright faces.

You know, it was that kind of day that you can’t be mad at anyone at all. You couldn’t look at all the sad sack-ness in life that day. Alright, so when we got on a traffic coated road, that’s when our story really starts. Right next to a big CVS, our car was going down a traffic-stricken road. But it was kind of hard to look at that as a bad thing. As we slowly went down that road, with the kind of traffic that had about one car moving no more than an inch per minute, I saw a man at the side of the road. He had a bulgy beard, a black hat, and an awful blue coat. He was only a little ahead of us, giving a thumbs up to the person in the car in front of us. And, I really had no idea that he was trying to snag a ride in a car.

I saw the person in front of us cock their head at the man, shaking it sideways like they were saying no to him. And to me, that was awful. How could they say no to such a man who was only showing their appreciation of life? And he had such a wonderful beard! They disgusted me. That poor man; all he was doing was showing love for the world, and people rudely disagree with him in disgust.

Up moved our car, and I was determined to show that man that I was different from the others, and I also loved this world. When our car pulled up to him, again he gave us his trademark thumbs up. Back to him, I emitted the most sincere feeling, and with a big smile, gave a thumbs up back at him. But, as I saw what he was doing, my smile started to fade away. “MOM, HE’S GETTING IN THE CAR!!!” I screamed. The door then flung open, and his face was the only thing spotted in my vision. “MOM, GO!!!”

With no reluctance, my mother switched lanes in a power-fueled haze, and left a loud and big skid mark like you always hear in action movie. The door was still open, and flung helplessly over the large street. Our hearts were pounding, and even though he was way behind us, my mom still kept her foot on the gas pedal. Loud honks from other agitated drivers were the only things I heard, but I was still relieved. My mother, on the other hand was confused. “Wh..Why…Wee….What happened? You know, Charlie, I don’t care. But please, do NOT give a hitchhiker permission to come in our car without MY permission, ever again.”