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If you looked at this picture here and was asked to guess what time of year it took place in, even if you had 5 guesses (there are only four seasons), I’m sure you wouldn’t get what it is.

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It was taken (ready for it) on the first day of Spring (ironic, right?).

Well, as everyone knows, yesterday was the first day of Spring, FINALLY!!! I am completely sick of the winter, and I think everyone is at this point. But, this memorable day was way more sad, ironic maybe, than what I expected, because we all know that the normal expectation of a Spring day would be taking place in a beautiful meadow, with a deep blue sky, a sweet smell in the air, flowers littering the ground, and finally being able to wear a slightly lighter jacket. But, no.

The first day of Spring for us was dark, depressing, and snowy. Our expectation of what the day would be really set ourselves up for a lot of disappointment.

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I mean, we have every right to expect that the first day of Spring would be a wonderful and gorgeous day. We did suffer through those five long and cold months, we deserve a break. But, Winter decided to kill off the mood and hit us just on more time.

During the Winter, every other moment I’m not sleeping I’m just hoping inside that it will snow. But not this time. I practically cried when I saw that it began to snow on Friday. Haven’t we had enough? Wasn’t there enough pain involved with Winter coming in the first place? There is a time and a place for snow, and the first day of Spring isn’t one of them. Maybe I’d reconsider, when I’m dead, but for now, I’m really annoyed. Of course, the meteorologists did give us a heads up about it, but this was the first day of spring we were talking about, so I didn’t listen to what the heck Glenn Hurricane Schwartz had to blab about that day. I should’ve listened, because like I said before, I really set myself up for a lot of disappointment then.

I can see myself now just watching that snow fall down, and knowing that there was a time when I would want that. Watching the snow fall down through the window, and realizing how much I HATED EVERYTHING AT THAT MOMENT! But even though it really was bleak, cold, depressing, miserable, awful, beastly, dreadful, terrible, horrible, bad, very bad, nasty, lousy, and shameful day, we still can’t give up hope that Winter will go away soon, because we all know that it will soon be over. It’s not the end yet. Spring is coming, and it will be here soon enough.

Originally made for the website Phawker