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I lied. Remember, before I wrote a post about how I will never eat McDonald’s again? Well, I completely broke my promise. Tonight, I had McDonald’s once moreFeatured image

I mean, it’s not like I’m trying to cut down on McDonald’s to go on a healthier track, because I’m much too young to just go and worry about healthiness and weight, it’s just that it made me nauseous for about two hours afterwards. So that’s when I made the promise that I would never eat it again. But I knew deep down that sometime I would pick up a burger once more. And, I did. I picked up that burger and shoved it down that hole. But, I went down the same road as last time, feeling ill and bloated. It was just so entrancing; the fries, oh the fries, the burger, with grease slipping down its side, the oh so good chicken nuggets, and the chocolate milkshake, which isn’t even made out of real chocolate but still tastes good.

Oh yeah, and it was delicious.

Ordinarily, in situations like this, I’d feel a little bad for breaking the promise I made to myself, though in this case, I don’t, because I had McDonald’s. And I’m admitting it, because you can’t really be ashamed of something so great. It’s really impossible to stop with McDonald’s, though don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying it’s like an addicting drug or something, though it is kind of close, because it is McDonald’s, after all. Like, even though we hear rumors that McDonald’s uses human meat, or they make their burgers from something far beyond sickening, we still eat it. We hear those disgusting myths, and at the time we say, “Oh my gosh, that’s gross, I’ll never eat McDonald’s again!” Then, a day later, the same person who’d said that, would find themselves reenacting a love scene from a movie with a big mac.

I know I lied about that, which kind of puts to shame the entire blog post I did before, but I don’t know whether or not to say I’m sorry or not to, because I really just had a happy meal. It wasn’t like the last time, instead of feeling sick and awful, I felt a lot better. Like I just ate, well, McDonald’s! Unlike last time, it didn’t leave a horrific taste in my mouth for hours to come, instead put me in to the kind of spirit to ravage through the bag for a bonus french fry. So, it was a completely different experience than the last one, because this time I didn’t feel the need to write about how much I hated it. And yeah, I might have had a huge dose of fried mystery sludge,  but at least it had a good taste? I’m aware of how much of a bad excuse that is, but I don’t need on this time. But this time, I take back that promise, and l know now that I will have McDonald’s again.