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I have big, sad, news. I fell, and broke every single bone in my body.

April Fools!!!

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Before I rant on and on about the semi-good pranks I’ve pulled on unsuspecting people, I’d like to give a word or two about this holiday. I don’t care how old I get, I’m never growing out of the habit of pulling a prank on someone. It’s that one day in every year that you can do the thing that would normally make someone scream at you, and soften the blow by screaming, “April fools!” They’ll take it as a joke, and never suspect that you just wanted to do that thing that has been impulsing you for years. That’s what I love about the holiday the most. You can do about anything you’d like to torture someone, and they won’t even be mad! For instance, I grab a cup of water, splash it on someone, scream, “April Fools!!!” They’ll laugh, and go change clothes without even a single word against you. It’s too great!

Actually, today, I felt more mischievous than before, so I looked at my trusty internet for pranks to pull. Thank god for the internet, if it wasn’t for it, everyone on Earth would probably be depressed lunatics. I found a few ideas that didn’t require me to buy seeds to plant in someone’s cubicle, or crush someone’s hopes and dreams. So I started by grabbing an Oreo cookie, mindlessly scraping the filling out of the middle, and put the biggest glob of toothpaste in the middle of the cookies. The paste oozed out of the sides, like someone had squished toothpaste between two cookies! I then made another, this one a little less sloppy, and put it out on a little plate. I waited in the laundry crate for I don’t know how long.

An hour or so later, (Guess I do know how long!) my dad entered the picture, and grabbed one of the Oreo’s off of the plate. He observed it for a second as I screamed inside. I blankly watched him take the box of Oreos, and take another one. I jumped out of there, and yelled “April Fools!” 30 minutes later, I grabbed for an Oreo myself, so I pulled one out, bit in to it, and I saw that it was full of toothpaste!

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After I taped the little spray thing on the sink down with tape, and watched, trying not to giggle, as 2 people got sprayed as they turned the sink on, I was pretty much done for the day. I think I had pushed people to their limits enough. So, I think that sums up what I did for it. I may have exaggerated, a little bit, actually, a lot, but April fools, I guess! Though, I don’t feel like this is the ending, because always on the next day I hear people tell stories of April Fools pranks they did. Sometimes they even stretch out to my birthday, which is on Easter, by the way. But that’s all a different story. The only fitting ending to this article, I’m sorry to say, I’m sure you’re aware of. It just has to be that way.