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It was a clear, Spring morning. There were brightly colored flowers scattered around the pure green grass. Early birds were out catching the worms. Flawless, is the word most people would describe the looks of this morning. Beautiful.

But it was total bedlam for our family.

“GET YOUR SHOES ON, GRAB EVERYTHING, LET’S GO, GO, GO!!!” Our family was rushing out the door to get started on a road trip to a nice town besides the Delaware river in Pennsylvania called New Hope. It was exciting for me, because I’ve heard so much about how nice it was there. But there wasn’t any time to keep dwelling about how nice it will be because we rushing ourselves for no reason that we could explain.

As we started to get on the road, my brother and I were getting giddy-ish. A sense came over us that used to come over when we were really young, so it made us, or me, at least, feel a little nostalgic. But I hid those feelings while we toyed with our parents. “Are we there yet? Are we there yet?” You know, us kids know that we’re not there yet. It seems pretty clear, at least to us, that we’re testing you. Once my brother and I gambled on who would crack first from the same old line. I lost $5 to him.

Driving was one of the least fun parts of our trip. If you’d like to hear me drone on and on about countless miles of highway and seemingly endless roads, you’d picked the wrong thing to read. At this point in our trip, we arrived at the edge of Trenton, and were about to reach the Washington’s crossing area. Everything around us was making our jaw drop. My mom noticed a tiny little English-like brewery, which was named Patriot’s Tavern, and she got excited about it. Everything that we saw, a bee, a flower, a bird, we overreacted about. We were in that type of giddy mood, where you’d just have to see something to marvel about it.

At this point, we reached the bridge. Now, I think this has to be the most scary part. Beneath us, we could hear the metal clacking, as we drove across the really tight passage. But the view was amazing.

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When we finally crossed the bridge, the first thing we did was go to a historical site right next to the bridge. We all roamed around the place, and reenacted the flying scene from Titanic at the edge of the river. I felt the need to buy a copy of the Declaration of Independence, so I did. I accidentally caught myself using it as a fly swatter later on.

After we left that park, as fun as it was, there was much more to do that day. Things to see. Places to go. As we drifted past the Pennsylvanian countryside, we truly understood the word beautiful. There were lush trees, rich forests, fancy houses. That type of area made you feel appreciative of all of the little things. As we kept driving past that gorgeous area, we saw a large tower, just sitting nonchalantly atop the hill. Of course, my mom’s adventure senses perked up. “We should go up there!” I mean, it’s not like we were just going to turn down a beautiful tower. So we followed along to what my mom said, and drove up that hill. But the road up there was treacherous, bumpy, and full of danger. It was also very thin. My brother and I just sat there, petrified, and my dad drove up. Every little noise that came from out there alarmed us. Well, because the thought of toppling down the mountain horrified us. Thank god we didn’t.

Even though we were scared for our lives, it was worth it when we saw this view.

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The tower was amazing. It took all of our breaths away.  Also, it eliminated the fear of falling off of the mountain. As we walked around the place, a small porta-potty with a witty name for the company, which I forgot, made all of us laugh. My dad, and my brother and I were cracking up about it right outside of the toilet. But, what we didn’t know was that it was occupied, and there was a person out there who could actually hear us cracking up while they were doing their business. “Hey, kids, let’s take a picture of us outside of the porta-potty!” We all stood out for the pose, right next to the toilet, but our mom was the first to point out that there was a human being in there. What if they just walked out, and saw the people who posed in front of the toilet they were using? When she said that, we ran away from the toilet, giggling and laughing all the way to the tower.

When we finally got up close to the tower, we were about to triumphantly ascend up the steps to the tower, and admire the view from the top as if we were kings. As we walked to the entrance, we saw our plan was flawed. Admission was $6 per person. Let’s do the math here: There are four people in our family, and admission costs 6 dollars. 4*6= 24. $24 for the entire family. So we ended up skipping the tower. But, at least we still got a pretty nice view from the hill.

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Even though there were large cables in the way, it felt as if we were kings, looking down below to their village. And that felt just as nice as it would be to actually be on top of the tower. Actually, no, it didn’t feel as good as it probably would have been, but it was nice.

Now the only thing that worried us would be coming down from it!!!

Find out all of the answers on part two!!!