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As we left on in the last post, our family was going on a road trip to New Hope, a nice little town in Pennsylvania. Along the way, we spotted a tower on top of a really big hill, so we made the journey up the tower to see it. After a little while of hanging up there, we were just worried about getting down from the hill!!!

Now for the reason this post is named “Anticlimax.” I’m sure (or at least I’m secretly telling myself) that everyone who read my last post are literally dying to hear about how we would be able to get down from the hill. Well, we thought way too hard about it, and I say that because the real trip down was a graceful and fun little passage down the hill. It wasn’t an extreme thrill ride. I just think that going up kind of made our minds think that it would be an awful journey down.

Alright, at this point in the trip we were going back on the road to New Hope. This is what it was going to be now, no distractions. Actually, it was hard to get distracted by anything, because all that we saw out our window was the bold and gorgeous Delaware river, and on the other side of the window there being the beautiful Pennsylvanian countryside traveling alongside us on a once-in-a-lifetime journey. Nothing much :).

I believe I should just skip out on the driving, because, like I said last time, I’m not going to drone on and on about miles of road. I think it would just be awkward to catch yourself reading something like that. So, to prevent and unnecessary awkwardness, I’ll just skip out on it. Anyways, after a little while, we finally reached our destination. New Hope!

The entrance was real pretty, with cherry trees (my personal favorite)! Our car took a swerve down what seemed to be the main street, and we tried to take it all in. There was so much! I thought of the town being kind of like a little country-like place, but this seemed kind of like a hippie-hangout! But that doesn’t mean that I loved it any less. To park our car, we took it to the bridge, and parked over on the other side, at Lambertville. Now, after we parked our car and started to walk back to the bridge, my dad to a turn and decided to get a cup of Joe. So, my brother and I sat on the bench right next to the coffee shop, and waited on the bench. Doing this made a memory we will never forget. A man, and a group of four girls surrounding him, shouted out right next to us;

“HAMbuGUUORRRSS!” He blurted out, in the most funny tone you could have ever said ‘hamburgers’ in. My brother, obviously confused, straight out mocked the man, with a following, “HAMbuGUUORRRSS!” This made the people around the man crack up, and the same with me. I don’t know why, but this left a mark.

After we got on the bridge, I took a picture. And I know this is the same picture I posted last time, I get that, I just forgot to take another.

Featured image

See? Pretty. Now get on with your lives. Alright, there was a thing on that bridge that I hoped to be able to see. The border line. All my life, I’ve been awaiting the moment when I could divide myself in two different states. I don’t know why I have, I always have just considered the possibility. And this time I took it. On the bridge, I felt as if the little landmark awaited me, and I put on leg in New Jersey, and one leg in Pennsylvania. Even though, if you took that little mark away, I would just been randomly squatting, it still felt as if it meant something, even though it probably didn’t. But it was still weird to think of. Each half of my body was in a different state! And that felt pretty nice. Meaningless, but nice.

Then, we continued in our journey to make it to New Hope!

Another part coming out soon!