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This very morning, a little fun story came in to place, and I really wanted to share it. It’s not like we went on an adventure, or something like that like we usually do, but what happened was we had an odd conversation during breakfast. Nothing extreme, but a little fun thing that had happened. Without further torture with my ability to drag introductions to the beginning to an eternity, let’s start.

Ok, so this story starts out in the earliest part of the morning. Our family had woken up, we were all cranky and sad that we weren’t in bed anymore, and were just in a really crabby mood. No words came out of any of us while we all were just engulfed in our own thoughts. The only thing that could be heard were the perpetual and long slurps of coffee coming from our parents. I guess, to break the silence, or to start conversation, my dad said, “Well, I went up in the attic yesterday, and it was a mess!” Everyone kind of gave a little groan, and I decided to go along with what he was saying, to brighten up the mood. “What was up there, Dad?” I asked, wearily. He quickly responded, “Eh, nothing much, except some of your old toys, and that old kitchen play thing that you kids used to love when you were little.

My brother and I gasped.

We had loved that thing! And we were told that Santa Claus had taken it away to a charity for someone who needed it (even though we didn’t believe it for one second)! “You hid that in the attic all along!” Our mom, expecting this to happen at one point, replied. “It was just sitting there, unused for two years.” I mean, I still felt like it meant something. My sticker collection was on that thing! But, before I could make them feel like they ruined a child’s life, my dad interjected. “I remember once you asked me if I wanted a hot dog, and you came back with two carrots and deli meats in the middle!” I don’t know why, but we just started cracking up. Then my dad started talking about how we made him a hot fudge sundae with golf balls instead of fudge.

Wait, I just realized how ridiculous and unfunny this post is. It made a lot more sense in my head. I guess I’m just tired, so I’m sorry for posting this ridiculous, confusing and so gosh darn weird post.