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1.) Cinco de Mayo is not the real Mexican independence day

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Yes, it may seem a little weird that we hear of celebrations of Cinco de Mayo, but yet it isn’t the day Mexico got independence. The holiday just celebrates the Battle of Puebla, where the small army of farmers with pitchforks managed to defeat the larger French army. Heck, Cinco de Mayo isn’t even a registered holiday for the Mexicans!

2.) Cinco de Mayo isn’t anything big in Mexico

It isn’t even a registered holiday, and it is mostly just a town-wide thing that they celebrate in Puebla.

3.) It’s a celebration of the underdogs

The French people- you know, those guys with the fancy hats and baguettes-, undoubtedly outnumbered the Mexicans, with soldiers that were well funded, well disciplined, and had weapons. The Mexicans kind of were just farmers who decided to help out and fight, who had nothing but pitchforks and doubt. But they managed to break through and win the battle. So, it kind of tells the tale of the small people who rise up and show that they are better than their image.

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4.) The holiday is more widely celebrated in the U.S. other than Mexico

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I know, that’s pretty weird. How a Mexican holiday isn’t even really celebrated in Mexico much, and the U.S., which wasn’t really part of the war, celebrates it more than they do, is pretty weird. But the universe works in weird ways…

5.) More than 81 million avocados are eaten by us Americans on the holiday

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6.) The President of Mexico actually WANTED the French to come invade the country, because they were far too poor to pay debts to foreign nations.

That may sound a little nutty, but there weren’t too many almonds involved when the Mexican leader prompted the French to come over and invade them. The entire country would probably run bankrupt if they hadn’t, so it was kind of a smart move, but also very dumb.

7.) The Americans were inspired by the Mexicans after the Battle of Puebla in the middle of the Civil War

This one is sweet, and nice. While facing dark times, the Americans saw a light in the darkness through the Mexican battle, a ragtag army of farmers took out a large and powerful French army. And finding inspiration, isn’t that what this life is all about?