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It’s that time of year again. No offense, but that time for literally flipping the house apart for an idea for what to give a mom. Most people resort to giving a cheap bundle of flowers that last a week, and sometimes that’s acceptable. But it doesn’t seem like the right thing to do. So, that’s why I think that we need to up our game here with Mother’s Day gifts, which makes me present to you…

1.) Put her face on a T Shirt with a nice caption

Nothing says ‘love’ like a cheap shirt. By doing this, you’ll be able to give something nice and cheap at the same time! All your Mother’s Day dilemmas! Solved!!! It is a relatively easy thing to do, and all in all, just really nice and fun!

2.) Make a family video to celebrate her

This is another easy and fun one. Just take out a camera, and record a nice video of the family talking about her, and how much everyone loves her and appreciates what she does for the family, and how they wouldn’t (literally) be where they were without her. Fun and easy to do, this will really send out the perfect vibe for the occasion.

3.) Fix up a nice dinner, or take her out to that fancy restaurant you’ve always wanted to go to

This one may not exactly fit the terms of ‘practical,’ but hey, love isn’t cheap. Take her out to a restaurant, and just fugheddabout the check if it is a fancy restaurant. It does even need to be fancy, or it doesn’t even have to be at a restaurant, as long as it is nice, and as long as you are showing that you care.

4.) Throw a surprise Mom party

A really nice and practical way to show your love is to throw a surprise party for that special lady of yours. Invite all of your relatives, and break out that box of crayons to make a large and welcoming banner for her. Buy a cheap but good cake at a Walmart near you, and show your love by trying to make the best show of this as possible.

5.) Clean up the house

A mom feels like the job is never done, and my mom often describes cleaning the house with two kids around is like trying to use a broom during the middle of a sandstorm. So, it would just be nice to clean up around this place, and make her feel like she isn’t just the only one to run the show.

6.) Make a Wikipedia page just about her, and how much you love her

This has to be one of my favorites. All you have to do is get a free Wikipedia account, and write an article (it doesn’t matter how long, as long as it is nice) about how much you treasure her, and how much you admire her presence. Keep the tab open when she goes to check her email, or something like that, and she’ll be in for a pleasant surprise.

7.) Buy her a little thing that she is sure to remember

It never has to be anything huge, love doesn’t work that way, but it has to be something meaningful. Like, you can’t just give a box of Wegman’s cookies and expect to get away with it, though that would work in my book. It has to have meaning, like a nice message, or a necklace with a heart locket.

8.) Buy her a bunch of flowers…*sigh*

If you are going to do this, you must be a little desperate, and I’m sure you could do much better. But it still is a nice thing to do. Even though they normally don’t last a week, they are nice for the time they last, and I’d say that it is a sign that your love will last a little longer than forever.

So, I hope you enjoyed this list of the best ways to surprise mom on Mother’s day. Like I said numerous times before, buying her something big and expensive never counts as a good gift. Like, I’m sure it will be nice at first, but the novelty will wear off quickly. So, just try to make it nice, and I’m sure that all moms’ will appreciate it.

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Dedicated to my mom, who deserves everything on this list and more. I love ya’!