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Mythical animals are things that you want to exist, but probably don’t. Today, we’ll be looking at the things that you want to exist, but actually DO.


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Now, I’m sure all of you have heard of that gigantic squid monster from Clash of the Titans! But, did you know that this colossal monster exists? That’s right, this beast exists! I’m now horrified to ever go out to sea, just for that small chance this gigantic squid will sink the boat.

2.) Mermaid!

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This horrifying picture only proves that the animal that all of us have heard of are real! But, actually may not be as joyful and nice as they seem, comparing Ariel to this pictures. Just in case you are wondering, the mermaid in this picture is DEAD!

3.) Loch Ness Monster!

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You know, this may easily be just a little sculpture sticking out of the water, but I just want to believe it. Because this could be real? Right? Please tell me it could!!!

4.) BIGFOOT!!!

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I have believed in Bigfoot my whole life. I bet that my belief in the animal comes from my Mom, who’s search history is packed with everything about Bigfoot. BUT HOW COULD IT NOT BE REAL! (que hyperventilating). More than half of the world has seen it, there has been hundreds of sightings, AND THERE HAS EVEN BE AN ANIMAL PLANET SHOW ABOUT IT! There is no possible way this could be a hoax! Even though they have never found Bigfoot on the show, it has to be real. No doubt about it.

5.) The Jersey Devil!

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Being an N.J. native, I have always heard and kept in touch with the urban legend of the Jersey Devil. I am always in the pine barrens, where they say the beast is located, and whenever I see a flash of movement in those woods, I have no doubt that it was the Jersey Devil. The story is that a witch lady who was married with the Devil himself, and was pregnant for the 13th time, so when the baby popped out, it was a nice child at first, but then changed form, and turned in to a horrible dragon-like monster. It killed the lady, and flew away. Legend has it that the mysterious winged creature has been flying around the Pine Barrens to this very day…

6.) Unicorn

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Everyone has heard of the unicorn at one point or another. Usually from the hearts of children and rejected fairy tales of the world. But did you know that they could actually be real? Well, that’s right. There has been thousands of unicorn sightings (note: about half of them show pictures of horses with cones attached to their heads), and who knows? Maybe one of them could prove that they are real…

Well, that was the list of real life mythical animals that are in all likelihood real. So, I hope you learned something today. THAT THE BELIEVERS ARE ALWAYS RIGHT!!!