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Crime is always lurking in the shadows, and there are very few who have the bravery to step out and abolish it. But, there are some of those very small amount of people who are completely ridiculous. And, even though they are taking a big risk by having the courage to fight against crime, they make the good citizens of Gotham or Krypton go hysterical.

1.) Wheel Clamp Man

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Wheel Clamp Man patrols the city of Perth in Australia, and he even commits a crime to stop a crime- he cuts wheel clamps off of illegally parked cars with his own angle grinder. His intimidating suit puts off a fearful vibe to those who commit crimes, he even glued a mustache on his face to seal the deal! With a green leotard, underwear over his skin-tight suit, gardening gloves, and rainbow socks to stop those from messing with him- he bravely patrols the streets, leaving cyclists grateful that he stopped them from having to pay a fine, which finally makes him deserve the title Wheel Clamp Man.

2.) Iron Lamb

IT ALL STARTED ON A SIMPLE NIGHT IN MAY… Lambs in a pen in The Netherlands were massacred by a man. He was caught after he did it again, and he was fined 500 euros and 3 weeks in jail. But, that wasn’t enough to Iron Lamb. They just saw it as property damage, and they didn’t take it in to consideration that he enjoyed to see the poor lambs suffer they fates they did. But, this inspired the Iron Lamb to rise up and protect the meadows.

The thing is, was that he couldn’t enter the meadows and really patrol it, because the police would look at that as trespassing. But, he got inspiration when he read a D.C. comic book, and that is when it all changed. He constructed a remote control lamb robot, and on the weekdays, the lamb patrols the meadows, looking to put the lamb slayers to justice.

3.) Phoenix Jones

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Out of all of the superheroes, he has probably received the most attention, because he commits to his work so much that he pepper sprayed two women. In the daylight, he is a professional MMA fighter, which definitely explains some things. At night, he puts on the ridiculous fake ab-ed suit, and sets off to punch crime in the face. It’s all in a day’s work for PHOENIX JONES!!!

4.) The Chinese Redbud Woman

Civilians of China don’t believe that this one would fit the description of totally ridiculous, but heartwarming. The Chinese Redbud Woman patrols the streets of Beijing, and hands out food to homeless people on the streets. Which doesn’t fit the picture of leading an action-packed life, but doing what she does is definitely better than any Iron Man. Her identity is a secret, and she wears a mask and cape to cover it up.

5.) Captain Australia

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No-one can use garden gloves to fight crime as well as Captain Australia! In the daylight, he is a father of two, and when he slips the costume on, he courageously fights crime in the city of Brisbane. His confused expression in the photo says it all, to show he deserves the guts and the glory a superhero like him deserves. He works to clean up the seedier areas of the Brisbane, and cleans up the streets there. He doesn’t have any special powers, but the one he does is scare away criminals. Once, he claimed to have stopped two people who were harassing while they were drunk. His works to fight crime makes him truly deserve his title of Captain Australia!

6.) Superbarrio Gómez

Marco Rascón Córdova, a high school dropout, slipped on some red tights and a yellow wrestlers mask, and all of a sudden he realizes that he has got himself a nifty knack for knocking out crime! Only in this case, he doesn’t fight crime! He rallies protests, and files petitions, yet he still feels the need to make a logo for himself. He even said that he was a candidate for the Presidential race a while back!

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This amazing man should not be the one suffering from my fantastical satire in this post, yet he should be acknowledged for being amazing. Thank you, Superbarrio Gomez, for making Mexico a better place.

So, I hope you learned something from my list of ridiculous but real superheroes. You never know. They might now be any Superman, but they still have something with that pair of spandex underwear over their suit.