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It’s not a well-kept secret- I love Disney. And I don’t really think you can blame me, because I think that just about anyone can go to Disney and have their mind changed forever. After the trip, I sat glumly in a chair just like a depressed person while I looked through an endless YouTube playlist of Disney videos of rides and attractions. Also, I looked at hundreds of Disney facts over the course of a few days. So, to celebrate the end of the List Post week here, I wanted to make a post that is about Disney, because Disney is a way of life, and most importantly my way of life.

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1.) You could fit all of Disneyland in the Magic Kingdom parking lot and still have room to park 500 cars!

2.) Real human skulls are used in the Pirates of the Caribbean ride!

3.) Under the park, there is a network of tunnels that allows cast members to access anywhere in the park in a few minutes!

4.) Human ashes are in the Haunted Mansion ride!

Allow me to explain. A group of people wanted to go on the Haunted Mansion ride to honor the death of a 7-year-old boy, so the cast members allowed it, but the cast members didn’t know that the group would throw the ashes out on the ride! So, now among the 999 happy haunts there are the ashes of a young child…

5.) Disney World is the size of San Francisco! Also, the size of two Manhattans!

6.) Back in the day, a ticket cost 3.50!

Today, it costs about 100 dollars for one person! So, back then it would cost 14 dollars for a family of four, and today it would cost 400 dollars! Dear God!

7.) Disney World could stand as its own city!

This scares me a lot, but also amazes me at the same time!

8.) There is a hotel room in the castle!

9.) In Disneyland, 200 feral cats clean up the park at night!

10.) Humans serve no purpose to the Jungle Cruise anymore

The Jungle cruise, one of Disney’s most famous attractions, has been around so long that the fake jungle they made is now a real, self-sustaining jungle!

11.) Walt Disney basically was the peeping tom of Disneyland!

From his apartment in the firehouse on Main Street, USA, he basically could control everything from there. What they heard, what they smelt- he was basically like Big Brother, or something like that. That horrifies me.

12.) Some of the attractions were built using a force-perspective technique.

For Cinderella’s castle, they had a problem. They couldn’t exceed the limit of 200 feet, or else they would have to put a large, red flashing light on the top, and that would ruin the magic. So, they decided to use the old force perspective technique, and what they did was make it so the base of the castle was bigger, and the upper floors were smaller. That method was also used for the France pavilion in Epcot for the Eiffel tower.

13.) If you find a paintbrush on Tom Sawyer island, you get a free fastpass.

14.) If you yelled “Andy’s Coming!” at a toy story cast member, they would fall on the ground.

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They stopped doing that after Andy went to college, and now the workers would just say Andy’s at college.

15.) Doritos were invented in Disneyland!

16.) Inside of the Matterhorn bobsled ride, there is a basketball court.

You know, just in case the yeti wanted a break, he could stroll on down to the basketball court inside of the mountain to shoot hoops.

17.) Disney jail.

Just for the special guests who know to strike a nerve, there is a jail in the park where Mickey mouse can lock up a person who paid 100 dollars to be there.

18.) Wizard of Bras

There was once a store on Main Street in Disneyland when it first opened called “Wizard of Bras.” I’m guessing you know how that went. They ended up closing the bra shop for obvious reasons.

19.) Bye Beiber

You will never see in your life Justin Beiber at Disneyland, because he was banned for punching Mickey Mouse where the sun does not shine.

I hope you enjoyed this post about Disney facts, and that you have learned something to randomly blurt out to someone. I will always love Disney, forever and out, because Disney is Disney.