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It was a dark, and stormy night. I don’t see why I added dark in there, because I did state later and the sentence that it was night. I DON’T EVEN KNOW WHY I TYPED THAT DANG SENTENCE!!! IT WASN’T AT NIGHT!!! Alright, so it was a nice and beautiful day. But, that information is also kind of redundant, because saying that it was nice and beautiful has no purpose in my writing right now.

Ok, so I was at the Doctor’s office, waiting in the room full of germaphobe-relative signs, like, “Please wipe down the toys before you kids can play with them while they wait,” and, “Please mind that the only reason you are encouraged to wear white gloves at all times in the waiting room is for the reason that infectious bacterias are crawling all over your hands, so we don’t want that disgusting bacteria causing someone to die.” As I tapped my fingers in a rhythmic pattern because there was nothing better to do, the nurse called my name. I reluctantly followed her, and waved a goodbye to my mom, but the look that she gave was if to say, “Bon débarras!” (google it up).

In the scary room, I saw the doctor come in, with his intimidating white gloves, and the unnerving surgical mask over his face. Immediately, I saw his bloodshot eyes light up. “Oh my,” he said, inching closer to me. “What is it, doc?” I asked, out of curiosity. “This is bad. Real bad.” He was lost on me. “…” I was out of words. “You have a severe case of,

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Alright, so just in case you couldn’t tell this already, this story is made up. I kind just wore it as a mask to show the real truth. I’M INFECTED!!! I can barely type! The doc said so! And, getting serious now, I just wanted to say that I am going to keep at the pace I am going at now. I mean, things are getting a little cra-zazy, if you know what I mean, because Summer vacation is coming soon, and I’m fitting all of these end of year things in to this blog post. Alright, so my point is with everything I have to do for school, and all of that other end of year stuff. So, everything here will slow down, just until Summer comes.