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 It’s official. Today marks my 2 Year anniversary!!!

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It’s almost impossible to wrap my mind around the fact that I’ve been on WordPress for two whole years… but it’s the truth! Yup, just two years ago today (actually yesterday, I just didn’t check my notifications) I started my first blog, The Next Generation of AWESOME!!! (with strictly 3 exclamation points). For starters, the beginning of blogging for me began on that very website. I was so proud of my works on that blog back then (also was very surprised I didn’t win a Nobel prize for literature, but that’s out of the question), but when I look back at it now, I don’t understand what I was thinking back then. For the record, I was in 3rd grade. After a while, I abandoned that blog because I couldn’t think of any ideas. I remained dormant for an entire year, but when I found that it was my bloggoversary in my inbox, I was inspired to write…yet again. And that’s how I’m here today.

So, down the good stuff…

Before, I have used a cool website called Future Me to send a letter to the future. Basically, they’d send me a letter I wrote to the year 2025. For my 2 Year Anniversary, I wanted to do the same, but in this case, just a little different. I’ll have to bring out the ol’ time machine, because I’M SENDING A LETTER TO THE PAST!!! I wanted to tell my past self, exactly 2 years ago, about what’s going to happen when I press that ‘Publish Blog’ button. With a little bit of imagination on this one, I will write the letter and pretend I actually sent it to my past self. But, that’s going to take a little bit of plotting out and planning, so I will have that up in a few days, but for the time being, I will put up my first two posts on my previous blog and this one. Goodnight to all, and to all a goodnight.

My very first post

Top 10 Awesome Books of 2013


Alright, don’t get me wrong but a book about a prank pulling club a bunch of awesome pranks…

Its too good to be true.Though, if there was no pickles I would throw this book in the trash…

2. Boxcar children

O.K, I read one and I was obsessed! Old fashion mystery’s are the best! a family of orphans, a mystery of people, LIVING INSIDE THEIR OWN HOUSE!!!

3. A Series of Unfortunate Events

I swear to myself to not read these again.Because I read the first book and i was HOOKED. Its like all these sad tragedies happen and I cant stop reading it. I cant blog now, I have to go read.

4.The Magic Tree House Series

I have been reading these since 1st grade. They are must read for young readers. They are a great beginner chapter books.

5.Captain Underpants; The 10th Novel

I only liked this because of the pants, and the bully battle.Though, who wouldn’t like a walking pair of pants that freeze people. Though I saw something on the back of the pants.

6.Diary of a Wimpy Kid

These books are really good,and I like them a lot. Its just that its really weird with all

the kissy-smoochy stuff. Like for instance,who would sleep on the couch till dinner.

7.Goosebumps The Blob That Ate everyone

This one is about a boy who found a magic typewriter and whatever he wrote would come true.

That’s a GENIUS idea. For instance, I write a story about the butts becoming detached from dead bodies and the butts try to poop on everyone in the world.That is a true nightmare.

8.Harry Potter

Just think bout this: Wizard teens that can fly on brooms and a hat that finds kids true nature and sorts them into a group where they learn magical spells in a GIGANTIC building with many many many many many many many many many rooms. Wow, these could be the longest books in history.


This is a story about a girl who is a bad peep, and always drags her brother to get in trouble.Then both of them go to heck go do a bunch of classes to get out. This series would most likely be in a school then a bookstore.

10.Captain Underpants and The Incredibly Bogus Title That I’m Not Going To Waste The Time Of Writing It.

Huff puff huff puff. Wow, that is a insane title. Well, evil ladies from some planet sign up to be a lunch lady plan to launch an invasion of crazy zombie nerds that will bite.What a book.

(I have no idea why I decided to do that for a first post on my first blog, and I saw that there were many spelling errors but I just didn’t have the heart to fix any of it, and I also wrote it with my friend Robert who inspired me to get a blog in the first place. Thanks Robert, I wouldn’t be here without you. We may not see each other often today, but hearing your name will always be enough to warm my heart :).

My first post on this blog, almost a year ago;

Hello World!

Hello World! My name is Charlie and I started a blog as you can see. I will try to post stuff every day but sometimes i cant because the universe wont let me. In other words, sometimes i cant blog because i dont want to or there is something stopping me from doing it. When i said sometimes i cant blog because the universe wont let me is a nicer way of saying “Get out of my face i dont want to do this for you.” I have alot of important questions to ask that you probably cant answer. For example, why on those “No shirt,No shoes, No service” dont they add No pants. Like what if a guy walked in to burger king without pants and when they were going to kick him out he said “Wait, you cant kick me out, theres no rule against no wearing pants in a fast food resturant.” I bet they would still kick him out and arrest him, but at least he would have a point. So that was a little preview of what youll be seeing here.Thanks for reading!!

2 Years Later

Yes. Hello world

Hello world


Everyone, and everyone around me, has made these 2 years the best two years of my life. There are so many wonderful people around, so many laughs and smiles exchanged, and so much of it to go around. I love being here, and I wouldn’t trade my blog, my wonderful family AND my WordPress one for the world. If splattering senseless words on a page is enough to be happy, I’ll take it. And I’ll continue to take it, because I’m not planning on quitting anytime soon. I may be reminiscing about my beginning, but I just know that right now this just may be the beginning.