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Everyone died that day, except for Oprah, because, as far I as I’m concerned, she will live forever.

We’ve all see them. They’ve buzzed in our ears, terrorized the children, stung us. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, it’s bees.

I hate bees. It isn’t really much of a surprise, anyways. I have been known for assuming that every inch of movement on the outside realm is one of those pollen-sucking stingers. And they hate us, too. But, in the comments, I do not want anyone shoving that “they’re more afraid of you than you are of them” poop down my throat.

Of course, they may make honey, pollinate flowers, and help the environment, BUT THEY SEE RED! If you make one rogue movement near a bee, it is too late for you. They will sting you! And it will hurt! And I strongly feel like my words are undermining my concept at this point, but lets move on. Those insects have been forcing me to stake out my own porch in search of a wasp. My hatred of bees and the likeliness of wasps at my house is a bad combination. Because I literally find my self jolting out of the front door and down the porch stoop for my dear life. Wasps and hornets are the worst. They are a waste of space. WHAT THE HECK DO THEY DO FOR THE ENVIRONMENT!!?? Maybe not with bees, but we have every right to do what we want with wasps. I mean, they break in to our yard without asking, terrorize our little babies (!), and terrorize US. What do they do for the world?

You know what, my belief is that wasps should be burnt, forced to watch a Micheal Bay movie, dumped over the head with hot tar, dumped in the Antarctic, forced to make a hive, forced to destroy their hive and build it again, then KILLED!

I think I have proved my point here….bees are not good. Bees are stinging machines, going on suicide missions just to get their way. When they sting us, they give us a little pinch, but they are literally detaching part of their bodies. So they are being more hurt than we are. Bees are just….so….bees. It’s so hard to explain, like trying to explain the age old question of ‘Would there be anything on the sign of a sign maker going on strike?’ But, I think it is because I’ve basically drained my brain on the topic of bees.